Bast Garden Netting


Garden netting is the best method to prevent the attack of pests on your garden. Plants grow normally in nets because netting never disturbs their growing and ripening period. Instead, it will increase the yield of your crop or fruits by protecting them from the attack of pests.

This method of crop and fruit protection is very common. You can make a net at home and you can also buy it from the market. There are different types of garden netting based on the type of pests. If you want to get more accurate information about garden netting then read the article till the end.

Bast Garden Netting 

Types of garden netting

  • Rabbit netting
  • Deer netting
  • Birds netting
  • Insects netting
  • Rats netting

Insects netting or tiny pests netting

Insects are the most common and harmful pests.

There are two types of insect netting: fine mesh and the second is ultra-fine mesh. Fine mesh is used for the Pieris recipe. An ultra-fine mesh is used for onion flies and carrot flies.

Insect netting also includes butterflies to keep the butterfly away from plants. Butterfly larvae are very harmful to plant growth because larvae eat the plant leaves and flowers. The butterfly net is slightly wider than the insect net because insects are tinier than butterflies.

Rabbit Netting

Rabbits can damage your garden yield. Rabbits can access your garden as rabbits can burrow. Very small size mesh netting is used in it. These nets are buried under the ground to prevent the entry of rabbits. You can use plastic mesh rabbit netting.

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Deer netting

Deer netting is similar to rabbit netting but we have no need to hold it till under the ground. Moreover, we have no need to make the mesh very small because small mesh netting is used for tiny pests such as insects for deer netting. You can use heavy-duty plastic mesh in deer netting.

 Bast Garden Netting 

Birds netting

Birds are the main pests of the garden such as parrots etc. Birds can decrease the yield of your garden fruits and vegetables by eating and cutting them. Bird netting is very common for gardeners and the type or size of mesh depends upon the type of birds.

Rats netting

Rats can cut the net with their sharp teeth. For rats netting you can use steel wires and iron wires.

Bast Garden Netting 

Choice and cost of netting

The cost of netting depends upon the material you choose. You should choose a good material for netting. Appropriate size of mesh can prove very helpful by preventing the garden from smaller and smaller pests. You should choose white netting because it prevents sunburn on produce and I prefer that you use netting with a mesh size of 2x2mm.

Best time for Netting

The timing of netting matters a lot. Some people use netting too early which is not helpful because it decreases the process of pollination and decreases in pollination process decreasing the flower on the plant as flowers grow to form fruit in the same way the yield of fruits and vegetables decrease.

Some people use netting too late which is also very harmful. It weakens the plant and decreases the yield. The best time for netting is after pollination.


How costly is garden netting?

Garden netting is not very costly. It may range from $7 to $50. You can buy it easily.

Advantages of garden netting?

  • It has great advantages: it protects your garden from harmful pests and increases its yield.
  • It keeps the garden warm in winter.
  • Prevent plants from being harmed by full sun radiation.

What is the strongest netting?

Dyneme is the strongest and thinnest type of netting. You can use it against rats.

How long does garden netting last?

It depends upon the type of material you choose. Garden netting can last between one season to five seasons.

Benefits of yellow and white flowers?

You can protect your plants from non-beneficial pests by keeping beneficial pests in the garden. As yellow and white flowers attract beneficial pests that’s why you should grow these flowers in your garden.

This beneficial preset will eat the non-beneficial pests and will increase the beauty of your garden.


Garden netting is an appropriate and cost-free method to protect your garden. There are many types of garden netting. You can make it at home and you can also buy it from the market. The best materials for netting are nylon and dyneme.

These materials are very strong and thin. If you want to get more information you can visit our web site and you can also ask any question about it if you have one.

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