Beautiful, Elegant, and Aesthetic faux stone pillars

Beautiful, Elegant, and Aesthetic faux stone pillars. We can see all kinds of columns where we live and in our houses. In these columns, the stone column is more beautiful and looks nice. When you look at it from a distance, it will look very grand. These stone pillars give a solemn feel. In this article, we will talk about stone pillars and their shine.

What are stone pillars?

Stone pillars can be divided into different types. According to the type of stones, it can be divided into marble and granite columns.

Roman column, plum column, twisted column, balustrade column, carved column, multi prism, monochrome column, and multi-color column are all different according to the shape characteristic.

Equal diameter columns with equal cross-sections, the conical column with unequal cross-sections, and the drum column are all different according to the size of the cross-section. These are divide into different types.

There is a big difference between the circular arc plate and the circular plate. A circulate arc plate is use to wrap the cylinder and is a part of the surface of the cylinder. A stone column is a hollow or solid core of the cylinder.

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Roman column

It is a kind of decoration of European architectural style. The basic unit consists of columns and eaves. You can divide this column into three parts. Column base, column head, and column body. Different column styles are formed due to the different sizes, proportions, and shapes of each part. The other reason for different styles is different treatment and decorative of the body. These reasons are the behind of different styles of columns. Here, some types are available. Ionic, Doric, and Roman are the different types. Romanesque is the tpe of column.

Twisted column

The spinal column is also know as the twisted column. On the outer surface, it has a spiral shape. Here are the spiral lines available in the shape of the single, double, and multi-head. Spiral tooth shapes have arcs, line, and a combination of arcs. If you know that twisted is an integral column.

Plum blossom column

This column is also know as the false agle column. Because of its four inner columns and corners into petal shapes. Here, you will see different properties. It has a force transmission path, large support coverage, and high bearing. A wide range, it has been use in foreign countries. In span, it is use in a wide range. Here, they have unique shapes, flexible shapes, and less steel consumption. This column in Spain conforms to the general trend of saving energy building.


What are the stone pillars?

Stone pillars are posts made primarily of stone and a vertical column. Mostly they are use in design and construction for both structural and decorat purposes.

What are the types of stone pillars?

Stone pillars are divided into different types according to their shape and properties. In this article, we discuss some types of stone pillars you can read it.

Which type of stone is used to make pillars?

There are different types of stone are available to use. Marble, granite, etc can used for making the pillars. It depends on the requirements.


They are use in decorative buildings. Mostly we are use to decorate a home or a building. They provide a good look and attract the viewers. In this article, we have discussed stone pillars and their types. You can read this content and choose a type of pillarstone for your building or house.

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