Best Pantry Shelving Ideas And Organizing Tips


Best Pantry Shelving Ideas And Organizing Tips, The pantry is a storage area where food is kept. It can be a closet, cupboard, or shelf mostly near the kitchen to keep kitchen accessories and other supplies. Specifically, it is a cabinet designed to store food items near the kitchen. Pantries consist of several shelves or additional gadgetry typically taller than the normal cabinets. In cases where the kitchen does not have enough space to carry goods, pantries are the best option . There is a variety of pantry layout ideas with different styles, and sizes that will inspire you to stockpile in order and fit your needs.

29 Pantry Shelf Ideas That Will Transform Your Kitchen Storage

They can also be used to organize your goods in a neat and clutter-free manner. Pantry shelves can also be customized to fit your space. They can also be used to store food and other items, such as cookbooks and utensils. How can we differentiate between the kitchen and the pantry ? The kitchen is a place where food is prepared and cooked, with the help of a stove, oven, and with other kitchen accessories. A pantry is a place to store food items that do not need to be refrigerated or frozen.

History of Pantry

Pantry originated from the French word ‘pan,’ which means bread, as the large cupboard was initially used as a cool, dark place to store perishable food items. At the moment, in recognition of the ‘Downton Abbey’ effect, the pantry has once more become a desirable kitchen feature, as people endeavor to have an authentic, traditional kitchen that is pleasing both practically and aesthetically, as the most important part of their homes.

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Old traditional pantry with remarkable features

A traditional pantry is mostly designed with kitchen cabinetry and can either be interspersed into the kitchen units or unconnected. They usually use classic kitchen doors with a selection of shelving styles and bi-folding doors to store kitchen items away from the tailor organization to the owner.

Benefits of pantry shelving

As you know the kitchen is considered one of the most risky places in the home. Falls, slips, cuts, and burns are just some of the things that can happen in these spaces! So an organized pantry will help you in this case to prevent every accident.

To ensure safety

It can prevent you from getting injured from falling objects, reaching for awkwardly positioned items, or even getting distracted when you’re cooking. Keeping your kitchen and pantry clutter-free will reduce fire hazards and give you peace of mind.

Stylish Pantry Shelving to Keep Things Organized | Decoist

An aesthetic perspective

The pantry in your kitchen doesn’t have to be a secret place. It can even be one of the first places you want to show off to guests! Whether it’s your kitchen food pantry storage, cabinets, or other You can design structures so you’re proud to show them off and excited to be in them. Your pantry has likely become cluttered if you last purged expired or unused items a long time ago.

Pantry storage as a functional unit

At Coastal closets one of the best things to consider is Functional storage. As we believe, every space in our home can not only be functional, efficient, as well as beautiful. And of course, this goes for your kitchen pantry also, with unique designs, style, and structure, kitchen pantry storage is thoughtfully designed. Most of the people demand a neat and well-organized pantry.

Besides these spaces should also be strategically designed to store only your kitchen items. One of the important is that it includes easier access to those items you use every day. All along, items you may only use rarely like once or twice a year also need to be stored away effectively and easily.

Easy to catch things

Many homeowners maintain a pantry in the basement while considering bulk buying. When you need another can of soup, how does that feel? It doesn’t matter where your pantry is located, you can get everything you need there.

Making the switch to the pantry lifestyle is ideal during renovations or when designing a custom home. You can make the right decision on the elements of your new pantry with the help of your renovator or custom home builder.

Different types of pantry ideas

A pantry can be built in various styles: butler’s style, walk-in, freestanding, or a combination. No matter what style you choose, it should optimize your kitchen layout by consolidating everything in one place.

Pantry Shelving Ideas- To Make Maximize Your Space

Reach in small pantry storage

Here we discuss shallow, angular pantry shelves to help small food-relevant items stay organized and balanced and also provide an easy view of food items in this way there is no chance of lost items among other appliances.

A white surface on the inside of the door provides space to write down meal plans, special events, and grocery lists. By combining different storage styles, this small pantry design maximizes space. Spices and dishware are stored on custom-fit upper shelves, while wine glasses are stored on racks mounted under the lowest shelf. For storing oils, vinegar, and wine bottles there is a slim shelf attached back of the shelves doors.

Cabinet Or organized pantry

There is plenty of space to store your kitchen essentials thanks to floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. To store various groceries a tall cabinet with different height shelves is so easy. One of the benefits of a cabinet pantry is that it is just steps away from where meals are cooked and prepared. In this way when there is easy access to the pantry, the kitchen looks cohesive.

Neat food storage central

To Keep all your food in the same area for easy and quick access. A tall pullout pantry consolidating dry goods and cold food storage provides an easy approach. It acts as an extension of the refrigerator for dry foods.

The narrow and long shelves and cabinets slide out for a lot of storage in a small space. A pantry made from wood well organized with clean white shelves gives a presentable, orderly, and sophisticated look.

Vertical and built-in pantry

Installing a tall pantry mostly 14 inches increases room storage capacity with open shelving. When using deeper ledges, enlist baskets or shelf dividers to organize mini-storage items. Built-in pantry consists of double doors and deep shelves with pullout drawers and shelves on top.

Recessed styling

This recessed pantry design matches the surrounding cabinetry for a cohesive look and provides shelves for less occupying space like spices, and dry goods.

Pantry shelving ideas – 10 ways to add style and storage to a pantry | Livingetc


Is a style pantry beneficial?

Lockers give style to your kitchen with more storage space. Also, it is beneficial for electric kitchens.

Is the pantry used to hide away unwanted clutters?

A traditional cabinet pantry can be a great place to hide any unwanted kitchen clutter, from foodstuff to electrical appliances and other food-related items.


It is important to organize your pantry for easy and quick access. You can customize your favorite kitchen pantry according to your space and design. As the pantry is an area we could convert to our storage needs keeping your kitchen functional, clutter-free free, and more organized and balanced.

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