Breathing in Color: The Rainbow Air Purifier Revolution

Breathing in Color: The Rainbow Air Purifier Revolution, The main purpose of these filters is to clean the air by trapping dust particles and odors and returning fresh and clean air to the environment. They also help to reduce allergies and asthma symptoms, as well as reduce air pollution. Rainbow Air Purifiers are energy-efficient and can help reduce energy costs. Dust, allergens, man-made contamination, and pollution are removed from the earth’s surface by water through natural process .

Rainbow Air Purifier Price

Moreover, when it comes to indoor cleaning and purification, we use air purifiers. Air purifiers help to filter out the particles that pollute the air, helping to keep the air clean. They can also help to overcome the spread of airborne diseases. Air purifiers are an important environmental management tool. What makes a rainbow air purifier the best choice? Rainbow air purifiers remove dust particles and other contaminants by using water in air filters.

These filters not only clean dust as well as allergens ,smoke and other unpleasant odors from air . If we are looking for an efficient method to cleans our room air we should consider the best choice like rainbow air purifier .

Invention of rainbow air purifier

Rainbow reanimate rainbow purifiers were invented as part of a patent developed in 1988. That patent expired in 2006, so there is an abundance of these air purifiers on the market that filter the air through water.

How Rainbow air purifier works

Moving air (aerodynamics)

The interaction of solid dust particles and air takes place. The dust particles are carried in the air and are trapped by the air purifiers, which are then collected in the filter. The filter is then cleaned and the air is recirculated back into the room.

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Flow of water (hydrodynamics)

Dust and dirt particles are confined in a circulate water bath . Water molecules are then attracted to the dust particles, trapping them in the filter. The water is drained and the particles are removed from the room.

Rainbow Air Purifier Price

Different types of air purifier

Dyson purifier cool air

Dyson purifier hot air

What are the main features of Rainbow air purifier

To keep the air clean ,smelling fresh and humidifier rainbow air purifier having following features :

  • Cover Large area for purification
  • Quite operating system
  • Compatibility with Alexa
  • Dust detector with automatic operation
  • Screen with touch controls
  • Monitoring of real-time air quality

Large converge area for purification:

With spectacular filtration technology it can filter large spaces like 2550 square feet per hour . Making it the best purifier for home pollutants with triple filtration technology .

Quite operating system :

Ideal for children and light sleepers because it is quiet and durable.

Rainbow Air Purifier Price

Compatible with Alexa:

Voice is controllable with Alexa hand free voice controller.

Dust detector and automatic operation:

Monitoring the level of filtration on the LED screen to deliver the real time readings . Detects the dust particles, pollen grains ,pet allergens and other contaminants automatically .

Screen with touch controls :

You can control the house air through a simple touch screen and purify it.

Monitoring the real time air:

Monitoring and detecting pollutants and giving real time reading .

Working of rainbow air purifier:

Rainbow vacuums feature a unique filtration system utilizing a water basin rather than a canister or bag, and the cleaning system removes dust and bad odors to produce fresh air. During housework, an air purifier vacuums up dust and dirty air, which are then trapped in the water. As the air is not blown back, it remains fresh for a long time.

The air purifier utilizes a novel filtration system for the dirtiest tasks in order to provide the purest air possible. The air purifier has a hurricane motor that is powered by switched reductant technology designed to tackle the toughest cleaning tasks. The air purifier is also equipped with a powerful filter that captures even the smallest dust particles. This ensures that the air remains clean and healthy. The air purifier also comes with a convenient remote control for easy operation.

Rainbow Air Purifier Price

As it travels, light follows you from room to room on its simple maneuvering carrier . As it is quickly connected ,the power and control at your fingerprint. It also has a low noise level, making it the perfect appliance for any home. Additionally, the air purifier is certified safe and energy-efficient.

Benefits of Rainbow air purifier

It helps to remove a significant amount of allergen dust particles from air through water technology.

It will help to clean the home inside the environment and release fresh fragrance. Being non corrosive used easily and easy to carry and store

Smell eliminator:

The Rainbow not only eliminates dust and allergens from the air but also removes unpleasant fragrance, keeping your home smelling clean and fresh.

Multiskilled cleaning:

The Rainbow air purifier can be used to purify a variety of spaces, and it is long lasting.

Disadvantages of rainbow air purifier

Rainbow Vacuums come with a higher price tag. Also they are heavier in some cases . Regular maintenance and water basin care are necessary.


Does rainbow air purifier work on the principle of hydrodynamics?

It uses water as a filter to remove dust ,contaminants ,cigarette smoke ,allergens ,pet and pollen allergens from air. And as a result, cool fresh air to the environment.

Is it good to sleep with a rainbow air purifier?

As the rainbow air purifier creates less noise , its LED lights are not very irritating so it is sleep and echo friendly.


As concluded, the Rainbow Air Purifier is a powerful, feature-rich, and amazingly designed air purification compound that is truly a game-changer. Its majestic performance in air purification, consumer -friendly features, and smooth design set it apart in the market.

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