The Water Floating Candle


The Water Floating Candle, Candlelight always looks very romantic and soothing. That’s why candles are a favorite for all ages. You can decorate your home or room on every occasion with candles. Floating candles on the dining table or in an outdoor setting look absolutely beautiful. Floating candle on any special occasion looks unique fabulous luxurious.

You can prepare floating candies at home and you can also buy them from the market. It is not very costly. Its price is between $10 to $25. If you want to get more information about floating candles read the article till the end. In this article, we shall explain

  • Way to make floating candles prepared?
  • The cheapest candle and its preparation
  • Uses of floating candles
  • Mostly asked questions by people (FAQs)
  • Conclusion


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Way to make a floating candle

You can prepare floating candles at home.


Preparation of the floating candle requires

  • Wax
  • Wax Measuring machine
  • Color and fragrance
  • Decorative item (if you want)

You can buy all of these items from the market and you can also buy them online.


Weigh the wax

Take the wax in scale and measure the 454g wax. Take the 454g wax in the boiler or on a hot plate and boil it at 85C or 185F.

Add color and fragrance

When wax reaches a temperature of 185F or 85C then add two drops of Magenta liquid dye and one drop of yellow liquid dye and stir gently for almost one minute.

Remove the wax from heat and add 28g Hibiscus palm fragrance oil. Stir the waxy solution for two minutes.

Cool wax at 180F and wick

When the wax is cooled at 180F, carefully pour the wax into the tart mold. Now place a LX12 wick in the center of each mold and leave the wax to dry.


This an amazing step here you can decorate the mold according to your choice or occasion. You can decorate it with driftwood, starfish sea glass, etc.

Put the decorative items in a vessel or glass fill it with water and then float 1-2 or more candles on top of the vessel.

Light your floating candle 10 minutes before the guest arrives to feel its charm.

The cheapest candles

Mostly people asked about the cheapest candles. The cheapest candles are water candles you can prepare them at home with water and a few drops of oil. These candles are fragrance-free but they also look beautiful. You can prepare it in a few minutes. Its burn time is about 3 hours.

Way to make a water candle


  • Vessel, jar ,glass(which is easily available)
  • Water
  • oil(which is easily available)
  • Small toys(if you like)
  • sand(if you like)
  • Candlewick and lighter


  • Take a vessel or jar made up of glass and add a layer of colorful sand or a few small toys.
  • Fill the vessel with water.
  • Place the wick on top.
  • You can add a few drops of oil on the top of water.

Uses of floating candle

Floating candle has great importance.

  • The floating candle gives an attractive and fabulous look.
  • You can use floating candles in pools to create magnificent ambiance.
  • Use of floating candles on the dining table looks amazing and create warmth for guests.


Can I use a floating candle more than two times?

Yes! You can reuse floating candles. It is very difficult but you should save the melted wax to use it again.

Which type of floating candle can be used again and again?

Led floating candles can be used for a long time. these candles can burn from 50 to 100 hundred hours.

Which candles are cheapest candles?

Water candles are most cheapest candles. You can prepare them at home. These candles are fragmented free.

Where should you use a floating candle?

You can use floating candle in pools, vases, dishes, hot tubes, fountain and bathtubs. You can also use floating candles in outside the house for the welcome of guest.


Floating candles give a modern look on every occasion. You can use it in pool of your home. Its round shape helps it to flow over the water. You can also keep it in a jar or vessel filled with water. You can keep it on the dining table or study table for a soothing atmosphere. The burning time of floating candles is not very short.

Floating candles can burn from 4 to 10 hours easily. On other hand electric or LED candles can burn from 50 to 100 hour. If you want to get more information you can visit our web site and you can ask any question about this topic from us if you have.

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