Alex Drawers


Alex Drawers, Most people love the simple and unique furniture designs that Ikea offers its consumers. Alex drawers can be used in small rooms to consume the space. You can keep all your clothes and shoes in it. Its exterior design also looks beautiful. You can place it in the center of the room or a corner. You can buy different drawers for different purposes. You can use Alex drawers as a table and standing place.

You can stack Alex drawers on the top of each other. Alex drawers are the perfect choice for those people who do not have much free space. Alex’s drawers are not very expensive. As Alex’s drawers are not made up of wood you can paint them in different colors. If you want to get more information read the article till the end. In this article, we shall explain

Alex Drawers
  • Way to paint Alex’s drawers
  • Way to make Alex’s drawers more expensive
  • Questions asked by people
  • Theme or conclusion

Way to paint Alex’s drawers

You can paint Alex drawers easily at home but this process will take three days. So let us start!

Required material

  • Alex drawers
  • High-quality paint
  • Zinsser primer
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Paint brushes or roller(which is easily available)
  • Stain varnish


  • Clean out the Alex drawers with a cloth.
  • Remove your drawer fronts.
  • First day Prime the drawer front and cabinets as well. Left it to dry for a night.
  • Second day. Paint the drawer. You can use paintbrushes or a roller. Paint your drawer front and leave it for the night to dry.
  • On the third day, paint the drawer front with varnish. Left it dry overnight.
  • Re-assemble your drawer and admire others for your painting skills and enjoy.
  • After a few years, You can paint your drawer again.

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Suitable Color for painting furniture

  • All paint is from Sherwin Williams
  • PINK: Hibiscus SW6851
  • CORAL: Dashy Coral SW6598
  • YELLOW: Solaria SW6688
  • GREEN: Frolic SW6703
  • TEAL: Refresh SW6751
  • PURPLE: Skanda SW6529

Way to make drawers more expensive

You can make your drawers more expensive by making changes to them. Some tips are given below.

Alex Drawers

Making it float

Floating furniture looks beautiful even in bedrooms. You can add floating shelves in your kitchen. Alexa drawers can easily transform into a focal point by making it float.

Change the top

By changing the top of the table you can make it more expensive. You can keep homemade objects on it. You can keep wooden objects on it to increase its uniqueness.

Marble tops are also very fashionable. These tops look unique and attractive. Glass top is a simple and unique design.

Alex Drawers

Paint the drawers

Painting the drawers with a fresh and unique color is another way to make the drawers more beautiful. You can convert old Alex drawers into new ones just by painting them. You can paint them beautifully at home because Alex’s drawers are not made up of wood.


What is the dimension or size of Alex drawers?

The size of Alex’s drawers is


Can I stack Alex’s drawers on top of each other?

yes! You can stack Alex drawers on top of each other.

Are Alex drawers in trend?

Yes! Alex’s drawers are in trend. People like this design a lot. You can paint it in different colors.

Can you replace a lost cabinet key?

Yes! You can replace a lost cabinet key. A cabinet manufacturer can help you in this matter.


Alex drawers are a classic piece of furniture that looks very beautiful. Alex drawers are the best of all drawers. These units help to create a peaceful and beautiful place for work, study, and enjoyment. You can buy these drawers from the market or you can order them online. You have no need to go out of the home. You can paint the old Alex drawers at home in three days.

Alex’s drawers are not very costly. You can use them to consume the place of your home. You can decorate your drawer more. If you want to get more information from our web site, you can ask us any question about this topic if you have one.

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