Grass Seed Does Grass Seed Go Bad | Influenced By Seed Type


Grass Seed Does Grass Seed Go Bad, Grass is a monocotyledon plant used to cover the ground mostly green in color .It is wind pollinated so it does not attract the insects. Grass seed grows grass the leaves of grass are monocot leaves.

You can plant plugs or sow a seed, seeding is a convenient , easy and inexpensive way to get your lawn to take root abruptly. These seeds come in many different varieties, but all types of grass seed follow the same basic growth and harvesting process. How can we store grass seed for long term use?

It is very important that the seeds are stored in a dark, cool, and humidity-free space to keep them fresh for long term germination.

Grass seed that grows grass. It’s essential to note and understand how to plant it during different seasons, because criteria for germination can be different in every season , including planting grass seed in winter is a great task. There are also different types of varieties to choose from.

These include Zoysia grass seed and Scotts grass seed. Read on to learn the inputs and outputs of these different choices and different methods of planting them this will give you desired fertile lawn.

Grass Seed Does Grass Seed Go Bad | Influenced By Seed Type

How can germination rate be influenced by seed type?

The grass seed germination rate is actually dependent upon production location, number of seeds that actually sprout ,seed quality and harvesting condition. Germination rates were significantly reduced if seeds were harvested in sub-optimal conditions, rather they were stored in best suitable environmental conditions .

Is the germination rate affected by environmental conditions?

Grass seed, if properly stored ,can be saved for two to three years. During early years of storage it can be expected that germination rate tends to decrease by 10 to 20 percent. Also in ideal ,suitable environmental conditions germination rate tends to decrease after storage. As the chances of germination less because rate decreases ,there is more need of seeds that are required during sowing to fill the planting area.

Longevity also depends upon types of storage. If we place seeds in a sealed container the life time of seeds increases and when we place them immediately after harvesting seeds will enjoy longer viability. On the other hand, bagged seed is more quickly affected by the negative effect of humidity. A packed seed sits in dormancy until it does not contact with moisture, or is planted in the soil.

Grass Seed Does Grass Seed Go Bad | Influenced By Seed Type

What will happen with seed after absorbing moisture or contact with humidity?

When we plant grass seeds they need to be watered as soon as possible. Then they will immediately start absorbing moisture and the upper layer swells, as a result seed breaks its dormant state dramatically by increasing their size.

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Steps involve seed germination:

As the seed germination process starts it requires more water and nutrients for continued growth mostly to absorb nutrients from soil ,but if soil provides less nutrients that do not fulfill the needs of seed then we will provide fertilizers to the soil for better growth. Primary roots start from embryo and then adventitious roots start from nodes of crown and lateral stems. Primary roots are quite delicate ,chances of developing root diseases more if they were overwatered.

Finally, the seed ruptures and the first blade of grass begins from a plumule protected by coleoptile to grow to the surface. Grass blades have an easy time reaching sunlight if planted seed correctly and at the right depth, also at this stage seed requires more oxygen and soft, damp soil but not waterlogged soil.

You should see your first shoot emerge from soil within a few days to a few weeks depending upon seed type. These tiny grass blades are still delicate, and then with passage of time it develops into a robust root network.

Grass Seed Does Grass Seed Go Bad | Influenced By Seed Type

What are the important factors of seed storing for long term storage?

Avoid moisture ,pests and rodents:

Contact of moisture from rain and humidity increases the chances of fungal infection, molding, and premature sprouting. Rodents and other pests also cause a problem because they feast on the seed.

While grass seed is reported to survive freezing temperatures and sealed containers , it’s best to avoid temperature extremes as well which means outdoor storage is not good. Moreover , grass seed cannot tolerate being exposed to direct sunlight or rain because vegetative part of the seed can be damaged when direct exposure takes place for long periods of time.

Grass Seed Does Grass Seed Go Bad | Influenced By Seed Type

What will be the expiry rate of grass seed?

Nowadays everything comes with an expiration date, seeds of different varieties also included. Seed bought from your local home and garden shop will display an expiry date The presence of mold and fungus can be indicated by visual inspection that seed has been damaged by moisture.

We can also Perform a DIY germination test that can also determine the seeds’ viability. Simply place a few seeds on a damp paper towel inside a sealed plastic bag with no contact of air. Place the bag in a warm area for 10 days, away from sunlight and watch for germination. If you find that fewer than five or less of the seeds sprout, you can see the viability rate is less than 50 percent.

Grass Seed Does Grass Seed Go Bad | Influenced By Seed Type

Types of grass seeds.

Here we will discuss two season grass seeds that include warm-season and cold-season.

Warm-season grass seed includes areas with hot summers .They also need direct sunlight and higher rates of heat tolerance. They become active and color changes from green to brown during the chilly late fall autumn and during winter months ,and they become green again until warmer seasons arrive in the spring. Here we discuss the warm season varieties.

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The slow germinated (Bahia grass seed)

Warm seasoned grass seed including Bahia grass has been popularized as lawn grass; it can be grown in poor nutrient soil and usually requires no maintenance. Also its growth rate is fast and does not need fertilization. Bahia grass has a rough texture so lacks a well kept lawn appearance. At first these seeds are slow to germinate but after ingrained they grow is a great choice for people who live in warm areas.

Grass Seed Does Grass Seed Go Bad | Influenced By Seed Type

Deeper root structure ( The Bermuda Grass Seed)

This is an excellent choice for a lawn with heavy foot traffic, and suitable for both residential and recreational lawns ,like golf courses and football fields. This grass is resistant to repeated use and also resistant to both heat and drought . Having a deeper root structure as deep as 6 feet we can say that it can stay within six inches of the surface ,and it can withstand environmental challenges.

The Zoysia Grass Seed

These seeds require low maintenance resistance to cold temperatures and don’t need to be watered on a daily basis . Since it grows slowly it can also be grown directly from seed .It is a popular choice for lawns and golf fields..

St.Augustine Grass Seed

St. Augustine grass, also called warm season grass. It is least tolerant to cold environments. Therefore, laying down sod is the best option and It has broad leaves with semi rounded tips.

Grass Seed Does Grass Seed Go Bad | Influenced By Seed Type

Cold season grass:

Cool-season grasses suit best in areas with cold weather, preferring cooler daytime temperatures. This grass tolerance rate is slightly better than warm-season grasses. Here we will discuss the types of cold season grass.

Fine Fescues Seed and Kentucky bluegrass

Fine fescue is another cool-season grass typically a blend of multiple fescue seeds, and commonly used in lawns. Fine fescues typically having soft texture distinguished by its distinct foliage gives your lawns an aesthetic appeal. Also fine fescue grass requires low maintenance ,slow growing grass with less fertilization requirements.

Grass Seed Does Grass Seed Go Bad | Influenced By Seed Type

Kentucky bluegrass grows most rapidly in the coldest months of spring and fall. When we give the right conditions and lawn care it will be long lasting and dense in structure.


Is tall fescue grass a good choice?

Tall fescue is a cool-season lawn grass with deep roots making it heat and drought tolerant. This belongs to the fescue genus plant. Frequent watering is not required ,and also disease resistant. It is a great choice and long lasting that can withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

Does grass seed go bad with passage of time?

Grass seed can be stored properly in sealed packages with no contact of humidity. We can store grass seed for two to three years .


Choosing an appropriate grass seed is tasking. We can protect these seed carefully because germination rate can be decreased ,when not properly stored.

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