How To Turning on Sprinkler System


How To Turning on Sprinkler System is a device used to irrigate agricultural crops, lawns,landscapes,golf courses, and other areas. We can attach a small lawn sprinkler to a house in your yard when your flowers are looking droopy. The water is distributed, which may consist of pumps, valves, pipes, and sprinklers.

In the summer, we regularly irrigate the lawn, but during the winter, the lawn and garden do not need to be irrigated with a sprinkler system, so we can turn it off. When the spring season comes, we will need to turn it back on. With the sprinkler system working, all the plants in the garden start their growth.

Turning on Sprinkler System

The best time to turn off the sprinklers

When the spring season starts in April, its best time to water is turned onto the sprinkler system. if we find any broken sprinkler parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Sprinklers are made of iron and stainless steel and are strong, but some companies make sprinklers of low quality. We should buy them after checking the quality.

Its process is not tricky, but a common mistake is that people start working at freezing temperatures when the ground is too cold or pipes have frozen. Damage occurs. The good time to turn on sprinklers is inspiring season; we should not wait for the summer season.

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Open our irrigation system.

When we start our irrigation system, we line each line properly to ensure the water is flowing correctly. If the system works properly, we can close the valves and place the sprinkler heads back on. Finally, set a time and make sure that the system is on our recommendation.

If we notice any problems in it, we can shut it down, and changes can be made when the water is completely closed. The water sprinkler system is primed for another season.

How to turn a sprinkler system on in the spring

It ensures that the main valve is closed.

Manually set the system.

Close the screws on the vacuum breaker.

Open the large valves on the vacuum breaker.

Cap the bleeder valves.

Slowly open the valve to fill the system.

Inspect the valves and vacuum breaker.

Main components of the sprinkler system

Turning on Sprinkler System

There are five important components of the sprinkler system.

1 A pump unit

2 tubing mains or submains

3 Couplers

4 sprinkler heads

5 other accessories: valves, bands, plugs, and risers.

Without the above five components, the sprinkler system does not work properly. It’s a very quick, easy, and affordable method for the irrigation of a large park garden and small lawn. This system is popular among common people and professionals.

Types of sprinkler systems

Wet pipe sprinkler system

Dry pipe sprinkler system

Wet pipe sprinkler system

A wet pipe system is one in which water is constantly maintained within the sprinkler piping. When a sprinkler activates, this water is constantly discharged onto the fire. The benefits that wet pipe fire sprinkler systems offer are simplicity and reliability.

Turning on Sprinkler System

Its strong, durable, long-lasting capacity means it contains the fewest components, decreasing the risk of malfunction when the system is dormant. It’s very useful for turning on the sprinkler system. It’s a highly demanding system for turning sprinklers.

Dry pipe sprinkler system

In dry pipe sprinklers, the system uses air pressure instead of water to prevent frozen and burst sprinkler pipes in areas with cold temperatures. The pressurized air in the sprinkler pipes prevents water from entering the pipe.

A dry pipe valve is used on a fire sprinkler system where there is potential for the sprinkler system to be exposed to freezing conditions. It has automatic protection in spaces where freezing is possible. Typical dry pipe installations include unheated warehouses and attics. Its expansive sprinkler system is effective and useful for the returning system.

Turning on Sprinkler System


Is turning on the sprinkler system useful?

Yes, turning on the sprinkler system is a very useful and demanding system. It’s very popular among professionals and homeowners.

Is turning on the sprinkler system expensive?

Not turning on the sprinkler system is not expensive. The sprinkler is cheap and also made to high quality standards; its life expectancy is high. If we buy sprinklers at a high price, we can use them for many years, so they are not expensive.

Can we buy it easily?

Yes, we can easily visit our nearby markets, stores, stores and shopping malls. We can also buy from online shopping stores. Sprinklers are very useful for turning on the sprinkler system.


Turning on the sprinkler system is a useful method of irrigation of land. This method is very useful in the spring season; usually, this system is turned on after winter; it’s not capable of being used in the winter system.

It’s a good idea to water when you can keep an eye on the watch for the first time of the season to make sure everything is working properly. Afterward, it is usually most efficient to water at night or very early in the morning.

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