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Inflatable and Plastic Kiddie Pools | Healthy Swimming, with the advent of summer, the plastic kiddie pool seems a key item to keeping the whole family fresh and entertained. But with a lot of fun, it can also pose a growing risk and the spread of germs. Keep an eagle eye on your children when they are playing in the pool. You should keep your kiddie pool clean and germ-free.

Summer Wave Light Weight Round Plastic Wading Pool, 36 x 7-in, Ages 3+ | Canadian Tire

Beware of the toxic pool

Before buying the kiddie pool make sure that it is germs-free. Many factories manufacture the toxic kiddie pool. The water in this pool can cause health issues like diabetes, asthma, and reproductive issues.

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Resin code of toxic and non-toxic plastic pool

Plastics are labeled with specific resin codes to identify their quality. Now we are going to tell you about these codes.

Resin code of Non-toxic

If you see these resin codes on the pool then go ahead and buy it.

Resin code#2 (HDPE)

Resin code#5 (PP)

Resin code#4 (LDPE)

HDPE indicates that high-density polyethylene

LDPE indicates that low-density polyethylene

PP indicates that polypropylene

All of these resin codes are the identification of “safer” and germ-free plastic. You can buy these pools without any worry.

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Resin code of Toxic

If you see these codes on plastic or products avoid buying.

  • Resin Code #1 (polyethylene terephthalate)
  • Resin Code #3 (PVC)
  • Resin Code #6 (polystyrene)
  • Resin Code #7 (if it contains PC or polycarbonate, which can leach BPA)

PVC indicates polyvinyl chloride.

5 best non-toxic kiddie pool

Play and shade pool

Its cost is $99 to $200.This kiddie pool is made up of hard plastic. It comes with an umbrella and kid-friendly accessories. Its dimension is 40 in x 40 in x 50 in. It holds up to 12 gallons of water. Its resin code is HDPP. made in the USA and US. age range +2.

Tubtrugs shallow tube

Its cost is $37.47. They have handles for easy toting. Very flexible and holds up to 9 gallons of water. Beast for babies and small dogs. Its dimensions are 23 in diameter x 6.5 in height. \

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Mylle inflatable swimming pool

Its cost is $74.75.This is beautifully designed and holds up 2 kiddies and even more kiddies. It is not age specified. It can hold up to 215 gallons of water. PVC is not toxic. Its dimension is 65 in diameter x 15H.

Minnidip inflatable pool

Its cost is $31.99.It comfortably fits 2 children. Hold up 35 gallons of water. Its dimenssion is 48 wide and 12H. It does contain lead and heavy metals.

Everearth Beach Blanket & Kiddie Pool

Its cost is $58.10. It can be used as a beach blanket and pool. It is perfect for babies of +36 months. It can hold up to 3 gallons of water and is about 1 foot deep. Its dimension is 70.86 in (length) x 70.86 in (width) x 0.19 in (height).

How to clean the kiddie pool?

Cleaning the pool is a very important reason for the safety of your child. Empty the pool after every swim session and let it dry. After filling the pool with warm water add a few drops of dishwashing soap. dip the sponge in water and scrub the whole pool slowly. Then rinse the pool with a non-toxic hose and let the pool dry out. After drying the pool store it safely. Always Apply these measurements after using the pool to keep your child safe and healthy.

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What are kids’ swim diapers?

If your kid is not fully trained wear his or her Kid’s swim diapers which is best for kids.

Is the primary swim diaper beast for kids?

Yes! The primary swim diaper is best for kids. It is not very costly. Its cost is about $10.

Is cleaning a kiddie pool necessary?

Yes! Cleaning a kiddie pool is very important. You should keep the kiddie pool neat and clean to protect your child from disease. You should clean out the pool daily with specific products.

What are the disadvantages of the kiddie pool?

Kiddie pool is best to beat with the hotness of summer but it may be harmful. Staying in water always attracts the mosquitoes and germs. A pool made up of any bad quality plastic can cause diseases in your kidd like diabetes and reproductive issues. That is why you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer before using the kiddie pool.


Kiddie pool is a key item to enjoy the summer hot. But as kiddie pool is made up of plastic that’s why it may prove unhealthy for the health of your child so you should keep it neat and clean every time. You should buy a pool made of hard plastic. You can also get help from the resin codes which are given above.

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