How to Kill moles with marshmallows

How to Kill moles with marshmallows. Marshmallows are a popular home treatment for killing moles since they are inexpensive and readily available. However, there is no scientific proof to back up the idea that marshmallows may kill moles.

How to Kill moles with marshmallows

When moles are present, it is impossible to keep your grass looking attractive since these tiny creatures will wreak havoc by burrowing and producing countless holes. Fortunately, there are some methods for killing moles, such as using marshmallows.

Killing moles with marshmallows is a practice that has been used for a long time. However, many homeowners disagree on the effectiveness of the product.

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Is Killing Moles With Marshmallows Possible?

When you look at a mole, it’s difficult to believe it could cause any harm. A mole rarely grows longer than 10 inches, moves slowly, and has poor eyesight. So, why are homeowners throughout the country terrified of having this seemingly innocuous critter in their yard?

Is Killing Moles With Marshmallows Possible?

The problem with moles is that they completely destroy a lawn or garden. Moles are burrowing mammals that dig tunnels in the ground to feed on worms, grubs, and other insects. This digging upsets essential root systems, which can result in dead plants and a failing lawn. Moles can be identified by their unique mounds spread across your yard.

There are numerous methods for getting rid of moles in your yard, and do-it-yourself solutions abound on the internet. Killing moles with marshmallows is definitely one of the strategies you’ll come up with if you do an internet search. Many individuals swear by this practice, as strange as it may sound.

But do marshmallows really work to get rid of moles?

There are those who believe it works flawlessly and those who aren’t so convinced, as is typical with home cures. Although you could see fewer molehills and other mole indicators after using the marshmallows, it will be difficult to determine if the moles are actually dead or have simply relocated. It can be difficult to tell how well the marshmallows are working unless you have dead moles all over your yard.

How To Kill Moles With Marshmallows

There are numerous mole eradication methods available, ranging from strong poisons to wholly natural ingredients. Many homeowners, no matter how irritated they are with the moles, are hesitant to use pesticides. As a result, many individuals prefer natural alternatives such as marshmallows.

Bring Out The Marshmallows

Let’s look at how to use marshmallows to kill moles or persuade them to leave your yard.

  • Clear your yard and identify entry and exit points.
  • Remove Food Sources
  • Water Your Lawn Less Often
  • Bring Out The Marshmallows
  • Clear your yard and identify entry and exit points.

The first thing you should do is clean up your yard. It’s tempting to skip this step, but it’s actually very crucial.

What sort of yard work are we discussing?

Basically, you’ll need to clear out every molehill you notice on your lawn or in your garden. This crucial step not only restores some order to your yard, but also allows you to view the holes where the moles have been tunneling. This will aid in your eventual use of marshmallows to kill them.

  • Remove Food Sources

The next action you must take in order to begin murdering moles with marshmallows is to remove the delectable foods that moles enjoy eating. We are aware that it will be nearly difficult to complete this task, but it is crucial to make an effort to get rid of all the food sources that are luring males to your yard.

We’re talking about microscopic insects, grubs, earthworms, spiders, and other types of snails as food sources. If you want the marshmallow strategy to succeed, you must restrict moles’ access to other food sources.

  • Water Your Lawn Less Often

Water Your Lawn Less Often

We recognize that many homeowners want a lush, healthy lawn, so the idea of watering it less frequently may not be tempting. However, by watering it once a week, you can prevent your lawn from becoming the normal moist, worm-producing sanctuary. Less worms mean less moles

Bring Out The Marshmallows

After you have cleaned up your yard and found as many mole holes as you can, it’ll be time to get your bag of marshmallows. You will need big, puffy marshmallows like those used for s’mores or campfire roasts. Mini marshmallows are insufficient for killing moles.

Place two to three marshmallows into each hole on the molehill by going to each opening. You don’t want the moles to be able to escape, so be sure to completely fill in all of the holes with marshmallows.

Place two to three marshmallows into each hole on the molehill

The mole will either starve or suffocate once the entry and exit holes are sealed off with marshmallows, according to the theory. Even though it sounds harsh, many people believe it to be a better option than using poisons or other techniques.

The second explanation for killing moles with marshmallows holds that if a mole chooses to bite on one, substances like carrageenan or tetrasodium pyrophosphate will quickly dispatch them.

In any case, using marshmallows to kill moles is a common and low-cost method of attempting to control the mole population in your yard. Even if it may not perform as well as some industrial-strength options, it is a low-cost and simple solution.

Ingredients in Marshmallows

You have most likely been eating marshmallows since you were a child, but do you know what’s in these sticky treats? Sugar, gelatin, egg whites, and corn syrup are the fundamental ingredients of marshmallows.

Ingredients in MarshmallowsMost marshmallow manufacturers, however, add chemicals such as gum arabic, carrageenan, and tetrasodium pyrophosphate. These compounds help to extend shelf life by acting as a thickening or an emulsifier.

However, these compounds are also harmful to moles.

It is acceptable to use either homemade or store-bought marshmallows to kill moles.


Can marshmallows kill moles?

There is no scientific evidence to back up the belief that marshmallows may kill moles. Indeed, there is some evidence that marshmallows may really attract moles.

Why do people believe marshmallows are poisonous to moles?

The fact that moles consume earthworms may have contributed to the notion that marshmallows harm them. Because they resemble earthworms, marshmallows are occasionally used as fishing bait. Eating marshmallows, on the other hand, will not kill a mole.

How should I stuff marshmallows into mole tunnels?

Using wooden or metal stakes, insert marshmallows into the mole tunnels. You can also put them in mole mounds on the ground.


Killing moles with marshmallows is one of the least controversial and easiest techniques for removing moles from your property. It is possible to kill moles with marshmallows, but your expectations must be managed. It’s not unrealistic to expect to kill some moles if you have a controllable problem and handle it properly.

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