LG Top Load Washer


LG Top Load Washer, Top load washer is an important part of our lives. This washer is easy to load because of its waist-height opening. Items can be added to this washer during the wash cycle. It contains a functional agitator at the center of the washer that spins clothes.

Its motor is easy to repair by yourself. But it is difficult to use for a person with short height or confined to a wheelchair. Top load washers are inexpensive and more reliable than others.

LG Top Load Washer

Size of top load washer:

The standard top load washers are generally 27 inches wide, 44 inches tall and 27 to 28 inches deep. These types of washers have a larger capacity of more than five cu. ft. While placing them, keep in mind that there should be at least six inches of space between the wall and the appliances.

And at least two feet of clearance on the top of the washer for easy opening and closing of its lid.

LG Top Load Washer:

Top load washers are of two types: One with a center agitator in a vertical drum is called a standard top-loader, other one has an impeller in the bottom of the drum which is called high high-efficiency model. They have a large door on the top that is used to add or remove the clothes and detergents. It lies in a near-vertical position.

It is safe to open the door while the washer is running. Their motor is easy to reach and you can make basic repairs by yourself. It uses about 19 gallons of water per load. Gravity helps in keeping clothes at the bottom and drains water from the washer. It is less complicated than front door washers.

LG Top Load Washer

LG 7 Kg 5 Star Invented Turbo Drum washing machine:

It is one of the most popular washing machines, it helps to achieve the best laundry performance. It is a fully automatic washing machine that has special features to ensure gentle and thorough cleaning of clothes. It has a beautiful silver color so there is no need to cover the machine, it enhances the beauty of your place.

Due to energy saving, environment friendly and electricity saving it is rated 5 star. It has a 7 kg capacity which is good for the whole family’s clothes.

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Advantages of Top load washer:

This type of washer is easy to operate, you can stop and start the cycle if you need to add more clothes to it. It is super easy to clean and does not require much maintenance. It cleans clothes quickly and is less expensive than other washers.

They look smooth and sleeker than other washers. Its life expectancy is 14 years which is more than other washers. They use less electricity due to their shorter washing time.

LG Top Load Washer

Disadvantages of Top Load Washer:

Their standard canter agitator uses more energy and water. Their action is more aggressive and causes damage to clothes quickly and has low space for larger items. They don’t have a dryer stack on top.


How to choose a top-load washer?

There are a variety of top-load washers so while selecting a washer, always remember these few things, they will help you a lot.

Choose the washer type according to the agitator or its functions. They may be gas or electric washers, select which suits you best. Their efficiency may vary from model to model as circumstances change.

Which is better: top load washer or front load washer?

The front load washer has a front door that is transparent so you can see through it. But you can’t open it during the wash cycle. It requires less energy but is expensive and requires proper repair if anything happens. It does not damage the clothes as much as the top-load washer.

Top-load washers require more energy, are inexpensive and are easy to repair. It is good for large amounts of clothes, so choose according to your needs and budget.

How to make the top load washer less damaging?

The top load washer has a central agitator that spins clothes briskly and causes damage to clothes.

But impeller plates at the bottom help to clean clothes efficiently and smoothly. Without an agitator washer will cause less damage, so it should be removed.


Different types of washers are used like top-load washers and front-load washers. Top-load washers are less expensive and more reliable than front-load washers. They make clothes spot-free and clean in less time and you can add things while the wash cycle is running. The center agitator sometimes damages the clothes due to fast spin or some other factors.

But the impeller is good and less damaging in washing clothes. . Gravity is a plus in this type of washer to help drain water. There are many brands of top-load washers, you can choose according to your requirements and budget. It requires more energy but is easy to repair.

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