Best Cordless Paint Sprayer


Best Cordless Paint Sprayer, A cordless paint sprayer is a tool used for applying paint from the spray nozzle in the form of fine mist. It gives a smooth finish and works better than other paintbrushes and rollers. These are useful for small projects and hard-to-reach areas. This device makes work easier and faster. It offers you more convenience as it is easy to carry and doesn’t need a power cord to plug in. It prevents you from the hassle of dragging equipment.

A cordless paint sprayer can be a great option for painting small quantities of indoors, fences and garage doors where power is not available. It also works well over even or uneven surfaces. It helps a lot with detail work but its preparation needs more time than the paint brushes.

Best Cordless Paint Sprayer

Types of Cordless Paint Sprayer

Graco True Coat 360 DS

This is considered the best in all cordless paint sprayers, it is an airless style sprayer. It has everything you need for the big and small paint projects. It comes with four flex liner paint bags and a helpful start guide. It does not take much time, just fill the flex bag, attach the bag to the sprayer’s body and start spraying.

It has two speed settings on the sprayer, the low speed gives control over smaller areas and the high speed is best for large areas. These flex bags can be reused. Its cup has disposable liners that make it easy to clean. This sprayer can also work upside down.

Graco ultra/ultra max handheld paint sprayer

Graco has two types of cordless paint sprayers, the ultra and ultra max series. Their base is identical but their material is different. Ultra max sprayer has different motor and battery designs and it can use any solvent-borne materials but ultra sprayer can only work with water-based and mineral spirit-based paints. These have a fine finish tip that gives a pretty smooth finish. This type of sprayer works well in touching up doors and small areas of cabinets.

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Graco 390 PC cordless sprayer

The Graco 390 PC cordless paint sprayer is based on the traditional contractor-style Graco 390 Electric Airless Sprayer. It is powered by 40 amp Dealt batteries. It has the power to spray a variety of paints and support up to 21 thousand tips. It is a ready-to-go approach for big projects. It helps in painting interior or exterior walls in a short time. It can easily handle 50 gallons of volume.

Best Cordless Paint Sprayer

Graco Finishpro GX19 Airfree Sprayer

The Graco FinishPro GX19 sprayer is designed with a built-in Hooper and is the best option for those who are looking for fine paint finish work. It is a full-featured sprayer that looks different from other little handheld paint sprayers. It mostly works for hoppers and is good for painting kitchen cabinets and a bit longer areas than this. GX19 is the most friendly sprayer and gives a professional fine finish.

Graco TC Pro series

Graco TC Pro Series is very similar to the ultra max sprayer. It can support up to 15 thousand tips and can handle both solvent-borne and water-based paints. It has a fine finish tip and can be used for occasional paintings.

Best Cordless Paint Sprayer

How to choose the best cordless paint sprayer?

While choosing a paint sprayer you should keep in mind the following tips:

Tip Size:

The tip size of the paint sprayer affects the flow of paint and finish. Some sprayers have one tip while others have many tips. You can choose tip size according to your project and the type of paint whether it is thick or thin. Firstly you should keep in mind your project needs and then choose the tip accordingly. Read the user guide before buying the sprayer carefully.

Flow Rate:

You should check the flow of paint from the sprayer per minute. Make sure it is enough to give a fine finish to your project.

Best Cordless Paint Sprayer

Product Weight:

Weights are listed on the paint sprayers, so you should check it properly and choose accordingly. If you have to paint a ceiling or high walls, make sure the sprayer has an arm to give proper support to the paint sprayer.


How to choose the best cordless paint sprayer?

While choosing a Cordless Paint Sprayer, make sure to check the tip size, flow rate and product weight.

Which sprayer uses solvent-borne materials?

Ultra max paint sprayer uses solvent-borne materials. Graco TC Pro Series is like an ultra-max paint sprayer and uses solvent-borne materials.


A cordless paint sprayer is a great option for such places where power points are not available easily. There are many types of paint sprayers according to the requirements like the weight of paint, tip size etc. you should choose the best paint sprayer according to the project needs, paint quality and the required area.

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