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Pedestal sinks give a better look to your bathrooms, these are used especially for half baths, powder rooms, or any bathroom with less space. These sinks are usually made of porcelain. It consists of an upper basin and a pedestal.

A pedestal sink is composed of two separate elements that are attached during installation. The top part collects the water and the lower part only gives support to the basin. It looks simple and more useful than other decorative vanities. These are more affordable than traditional vanity and cut your budget down.

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Pedestal Sink vs BathroomVanity

The pedestal sink comes with a clean look and no extra space. Some sinks do even not have a flat surface so there is no space to put your makeup razor etc. This makes the pedestal sink less favorable for heavy bathroom users. Some pedestal sinks have broad corners or a collar around the sink so you can put your small things there. But it is a better choice for small spaces.

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The bathroom vanity provides more storage space to store your stuff. It has cabinets and shelves to organize things in a good way. But it occupies a large area so you can use it only in big bathrooms where enough space is available. If you want an airy or free bathroom you should choose a pedestal sink because the bathroom vanity is bulky and boxy.

Pedestal Sink Installation

You may be surprised to learn that the pedestal sink basins are supported by both the wall behind the sink and the lower pedestal. The wall behind the sink should be strong enough to handle the weight of the basin. You have to make sure that the supply and drain pipes enter through the wall rather than the floor.

How to Install a Pedestal Sink

To install the sink on the wall there should be two hanger bolts that control the lateral movement of the sink. It’s better to make a hole in the wall before installing the sink. After sink installation, attach the lower part of the pedestal to the floor and the upper part of the pedestal to the sink with a screw. You should check properly the installation process to avoid any inconvenience later.

Pros of Pedestal Sink

The concept of a pedestal sink is old and hasn’t changed much with time. Although styles and shapes may vary according to the trends and needs. It gives a more aesthetic and traditional look to your bathrooms. It is one of the most efficient choices for small and tight space bathrooms.

It takes up less space than vanity and is best used for half baths. It can make a design statement in your bathroom, it makes the place airy and wide. It keeps things simple as it consists of only two parts. It has different styles and shapes that enhance the beauty of your bathrooms. It is most commonly used in farmhouses and home yards. It is perfect to keep things functional and calm.

Cons Of Pedestal Sink

On the other hand, a pedestal sink is not the solution for every bathroom space. There is no space to keep your things on the pedestal sink. It is simple but has no storage space like a vanity. It depends on your bathroom usage, if you are a heavy bathroom user it’ll be a big issue for you.

You must install a separate drawer or shelve or put your things outside the bathroom. Its installation is simple but requires a strong wall for support. Supply r pipes can not run through the base they should come from the wall. It damages the wall as well.

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What should we use for a small bathroom?

A pedestal sink is a good choice for small bathrooms as it occupies a small space and is easy to install.

How to install a pedestal sink in the bathroom?

Firstly, you should attach the upper basin to the wall with the help of two hanger bolts and fix it properly. Then attach the lower part of the pedestal to the floor and the upper part to the basin with a vertical screw. Now, make sure there is no movement in the pedestal sink and that it is attached firmly.

What type of material is used to make pedestal sinks?

Pedestal sinks are made up of porcelain and it consists of two parts the upper lavatory and lower pedestal.


Pedestal sinks are of more use when placed in a small space where there is not enough space to add vanity. It gives a traditional look and makes the place more airy and clean. Its installation is not complex and it makes things simple yet decent. These are not very expensive. You can choose them according to your style and needs.

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