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A towel rack is mostly used to hold towels. There are various kinds of towel holders as most towel racks hang towels so that air can pass easily allowing the towels to dry when over them and not become moldy and smelly, however, there is another kind in which we simply hold folded towels. These Towel racks are available in many different styles, shapes and types common in most northern American households.

One of the most common types of towel rack is the towel bar; it simply consists of two posts attached to the wall that hold the rod roughly two and a half inches from the wall. Both bathrooms and kitchens can use towel bars to hang hand towels and bath towels. A towel rack allows you to dry your towels after use so you won’t have to wash them as often. When you use towel racks, you can go a week or more without washing towels; you just need to spread them out or dry them properly.

Pool Towel Rack

Types of towel racks

Most homes around the world have towel racks, which come in a variety of styles and sizes. Among the most popular towel rack types are:

The Wall mounted towel racks :

Here we discuss the most popular option of today: rolled or folded wall mounted towel racks. These racks attach to the wall using some hardware. These racks are very popular among Homeowners who are increasingly choosing wall-mounted racks as they take up less space than other towel racks.

There are various wall-mounted towel racks with different sizes and styles available. For instance , you might want to get a rack with a top shelf where folded towels can be stored and a lower bar where recently used towels can be hung.

Here we discuss another type of wall-mounted towel rack: a towel bar. The simple racks feature a single bar that can hold multiple towels at once. Wall-mounted towel bars are typically less expensive than some of the more advanced wall-mounted racks, so you may want to consider them if you want to save money. You can place it either by screwing it or applying it with a sticky adhesive.

Pool Towel Rack

Towel rack shelves:

Towel shelves available can be either wall-mounted as well as freestanding. A variety of sizes allow you to store anything from a few towels to an entire closet’s worth of items in them. This type of towel rack will be useful if you have a large family and a bathroom measuring 110 – 210 sq.ft. Towel shelves typically have a shelf at the top and a bar for hanging damp towels. There are many modern towel shelves on the market today that are perfect for stylish bathrooms. Currently, bamboo is a popular material for towel shelves.

Fixed and portable pool towel racks :

When we need towels next to our outdoor pool ,we need non-movable and fixed towel racks or hooks ,because these racks and hooks could work.

Why do we need a portable towel rack?

To catch sunshine for drying towels faster we need to drag a rack around the yard and pool deck ,for this purpose we look for a portable towel rack.

Do you really have WINDY weather at your place?

Consequently, hanging towels can act like a ship’s sails and cause the towel rack to fall over. It may be better to install a towel rack that is fixed to a wall or fence in a windy area.

Towel butler

Towel butler or towel valets are larger in size .Actually this rack is a standing towel rack referred to as floor stands. There are many valet/butler units that come with built-in luggage racks. Most valets have closets where we can place and store clean towels.There are some towel valets that can be used for pools. Due to their size ,attraction and utility value, towel valets are one of the most expensive towel holders.

Towel tree holder rack:

These holders are made of PVC plastic ,and we can fill the base with water and sand to maintain balance .But these stands are having disadvantages because if we want to use it in the freezing weather as a hot tub towel rack we won’t use water in the base ,sand is a good option otherwise . Another drawback is that it blows over in a windy area.

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Plastic racks with broad base :

Due to the wider base these racks are better able to hold up to winds,it is also made up of plastic ,more suitable than outdoor tree racks.

It consists of 5 wide horizontal bars, and shorter bars along the side providing more hanging space and stability.

This is a basically good option for larger families that have lots of pool accessories like goggles ,shorts , diving toys, etc…

Pool Towel Rack

Towel holder bars:

Another type of wall-mounted towel rack is towel bar holders. It consists of a single bar that can hold multiple towels simultaneously .As these bar racks are less expensive than more advanced towel racks ,also it is suitable and takes less space .So if you want to spend less money you should consider buying a towel holder bar.

How to place wall towel bars?

The most common ways to install a wall bar racks are to screw it into place and to stick it with an adhesive. It is a good choice for people with a small bathroom and outside pools.

Towel holder rings and hooks:

Towel rings are also a traditional way to hang your towels . Rings are mostly used to hang hand towels, as well as hang standard-sized bath towels.

Towel rings come in a variety of designs and styles but the traditional circle shape is the most commonly used. C-shaped towel rings are also used and more expensive ,also they conserve less space suitable for both outdoor and minimalist designed bathrooms adding a classy touch to the overall decor.

For hand towels and full sized towels people also used towel hooks ,as hooks take up less space .

For less space homes people mostly choose to place towel hooks on their bathroom door to save space. These towel hooks include mounting hardware to place them on the wall or also sticky hooks are available in the market .

Pool Towel Rack

What is the reason behind installing hooks most commonly?

There are a lot of benefits to installing hooks due to its smaller size and carrying less space. A variety of towel hook styles can enhance the modern looks of the bathroom and outside pools. Most popular hook material is wood, stainless steel, rubber hooks ,plastic and matte black Wood.

Towel holding ladders:

Freestanding ladder racks are another most popular option if you avoid wall mounted or bar towel racks,it is also called standing towel rack. As you rack, towel ladders are portable and less expensive and we can hang multiple towels at the same time . As these are portable ,making them an ideal choice for people who redecorate their space on a daily basis.

Free standing ladder towel racks are only suitable for outside pools?

Many homes have towel racks becoming a popular choice .These are suitable for bathroom as well as kitchen decor . Although they are typically made of iron and found in rustic settings, models are finely carved contemporary wood rustic-free. Some models are also made up of stainless steel .

Heated towel racks /hot tub towel racks:

Heated towel racks have become popular ,due to significantly speeding up the drying process. Since the towels dry faster and smell free on a heated rack, they are less damp and moist than if they were drying outside the dusty atmosphere.

Pool Towel Rack

Electrical and hydronic towel racks for modern homes:

As the name indicates ,Electrically heated racks use electricity to dry and warm towels during winters. They usually work on hard wired or plugged into a wall outlet. The majority of electric towel racks have on/off timers.

As the name indicates, a “Hydronic” towel rack uses hot water to dry towels . Towels are hung on hot water tubes like a radiator. Hot water circulates throughout the spiral rack which are mostly located in your walls or floor.


Pool ,bathroom and kitchen are incomplete without a towel rack. There are a variety of towel racks not only used to hang only but also dry and heat them.

Just keep it in mind, before you select a pool towel rack, hot tub towel rack and other , first priority is your needs and particular backyard.

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