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Residential Gallery Moss Wall Art, Moss wall art is a unique blend of nature and luxury, it is a creative expression using preserved moss with other elements to make an amazing wall piece. If you want to give your house a health-conscious and luxurious look, it is the best option for you. It absorbs pollutants and releases oxygen making indoor air fresh and healthy.

It has a positive effect, controls stress levels and emotional well-being as well, and enhances the beauty of the living or working place. It looks fantastic and has become a growing trend these days. Moss wall art is expensive because it looks natural and the process of preservation and labor are required.

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How long do Moss Walls last?

Moss wall art does not require much maintenance and looks fabulous. It adds a unique style to your home. Moss walls can last for 2-8 years if they are in good condition and not exposed to harmful elements.

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Factors that will affect the Moss Wall Art are mentioned below

The Moss Type: There are different types of moss with different properties, some are more durable and can last longer than others. For example, the moss( the rounded, bold-shaped moss) used in play areas like football grounds is hard and stiffer so it works well.

Air conditions of the space: If the place with a moss wall has air conditions it may affect the performance and durability of the moss wall. Even the moss is not living and preserved but high humidity can change the characteristics of mosses such as reindeer moss. The same rule applies to open areas where there are significant changes in air conditions. However, these side effects are temporary and can be controlled.

A place where Moss Wall is Installed: Usually, Moss wall art is present in passing areas, living rooms, etc where curious hands of passers-by wish to touch the moss and feel it. This may cause damage to the delicate moss. Moss walls installed at the Places that are out of reach can last longer than others. By following preventive measures we can increase the lifespan of moss walls.

Custom Made Moss and Olive Wood Wall Art Rectangular | Premium Handmad

Why is Moss Wall Art so popular?

Moss wall art gives a natural texture to your homes and workplaces. Moss has a positive impact on our physical and psychological health. Natural pollutants are present in the air that cause illness to the walls of our schools, homes, and offices. These pollutants when come in contact with moss, enter plant biomass and work well for your lungs. Also, moss walls can help a lot with your mental health, control your thoughts, and relax muscles.

Moss has acoustic properties, it is a good and natural sound absorber. When a moss wall is installed strategically in a specific spot, it will give your space many acoustic benefits. These benefits depend on how and where you install the moss wall. If you have a noise control issue, it will be a good solution but you should contact an acoustician. He will give you solutions more suitable for your issues.

It can transform a noisy place into a place that aids concentration. It increases the productivity of the workers at a workplace and gives them all benefits.

Moss wall art simply looks great and people like outdoor design ideas nowadays. Moss adds healthy colors to your walls and makes you smile and relax. This can transform a hectic environment into something visually appealing.

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Moss Wall Art cost:

The cost of moss walls varies according to the type of moss used. Reindeer moss is expensive because it is applied in small clumps and requires labor per square meter. Bun moss is the most expensive due to its natural shape and the process of preservation. When you select the type of moss, then you have to select the size of the moss wall.

The larger part will cost you more, so choosing the right moss for the larger area will be cost-effective for you. Then it comes to the design of the moss wall, if the design is complex it will require more expertise and effort. So it will increase the price of the moss wall art. Installation by an expert team will also increase the cost but if you negotiate with them, they will only charge you the supply cost.


Moss wall art is quite trendy these days. Moss gives a natural and refreshing look to your places like home or office. It can help to improve your physical and psychological health. It also helps to control the noise due to its sound-absorbing properties. It looks amazing and increases the beauty of the place. However, it is expensive due to the moss preservation and the labor required for designing and installation. But it is worth buying.

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