The best gas lawn edgers


The best gas lawn edgers, The gas edger is a garden tool that is used to trim the grass edges. It creates a professional sharp boundary around the garden and other landscape features. They work on blades and strings according to requirements. It uses ethanol-free gas or with less amount of ethanol like 10%. It works for larger projects and is long-lasting.

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Types of Lawn Edger

There are many types of lawn edger but every type has its properties and work in different conditions. Select the edger on the base of your requirement and the area where it has to be used. Mainly there are two types:

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Electric edger:

These edgers work on electric charge and they may be corded or cordless. They do not require any fuel or gas to operate. These are easy to start and do not require much maintenance like gas edger. A cordless electric edger can move wherever you want to work. But the corded edger can work for a longer period because it is connected to power by extension. Wire or connection should be checked regularly to make sure it is safe to use.

Gas Edger

The gas edger is long-lasting and can work for larger projects. These have two models, one with a 2-cycle engine and the other with a 4-cycle engine. The 2-cycle engine model will work on a gasoline/oil mixture and the 4-cycle engine is larger and has more power, you don’t have to mix the gasoline and oil. These gas edgers start with a pull start. Some of them have electric starters built in them while others require a power-starting device that will be purchased separately.

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These gas edgers can cut grass with a blade, cutting wheel or sometimes a monofilament line. They have handle-mounted depth control that makes them easier to use. By bevel adjustment, you can change the angle of the cut and give a specific angle for the garden.

Gas Edger Blade

It has a trenching blade that buries electrical and sprinkler lines and makes it more convenient. They have vertical spinning blades to make borders sharp and clean. Motorized gas edgers have gliding wheels with rotating blades that easily roll along the borders. While manual gas edgers are made of spade tools.

But their blade can throw objects so it is necessary to follow the precautions. Keep the blade away from marble, utility lines or concrete and wear safety glasses while working with the gas edger. Read carefully the operating instructions to make it easy to use and get a good finish border.

Gas Edger Operation

These are the common steps you should follow while operating a gas edger. But don’t forget to read the operating guide of your specific model.

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Place the gas edger: Place the lawn edger at the point where you have to start. For an even cut, place the wheels of the edger on the marble side but if you are working in the center of the lawn then place them on grass or wherever possible.

Use a shallow setting: select the shallow setting first after starting the edger.

For longer and thicker grass, start with a shallow setting and repeat with the deepest settings. If you have to edge, turn off the wheel and lower the curb wheel to make contact with the curb. Clay requires shallow settings.

Start the edger according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Squeeze the blade control to start the engine and then keep it working.

Begin Edging: Moving it back and forth slowly cut the grass and work along the border. If it has bevel adjustment you can trim the edge at an angle.

Use a deeper setting: After line cutting, select the deeper setting and do the edge again by moving it slowly.

Turn off the Gas edger: After finishing your work, release the blade control and stop the edger. They let it sit idle and cool down for a bit.

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What is the difference between a lawn trimmer and an edger?

A lawn trimmer is used to trim weeds and grass in hard—to—reach areas like buildings, rocks and around fences. Its monofilament rotates parallel to the ground. While the lawn edger works for lawn borders it cuts the grass along roads, driveaway and sidewalks to create fresh and neat borders. Its blade spins perpendicularly to the ground.

Do they have the same function?

Both of these have different purposes, if lawn requires edging, then edger will be the best option but it cannot work for grass trimming along fences or buildings. On the other hand, 6the trimmer will help in edging if used wisely.


The gas edger works on gas and needs an electrical start-up device. It helps edge the lawn and make sharp and neat borders. They are handheld and can be used easily by anyone, just read the operating guide carefully. Manual gas edgers are cheaper than motorized edgers. They work better than lawn trimmers in many ways.

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