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The Best Heat lamps are infrared light fixtures that can do multiple jobs. They can provide both light and heat. They have halogen bulbs as a central light source and infrared lights to provide instant heat. Sometimes they also have an exhaust fan. They are cheap, quick, and efficient in temperature-critical conditions. They are also called infrared lamps, IR bulbs, etc. Their main purpose is to produce warmth, light is a lesser concern.

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Heat lamp working:

It is the same as traditional lamp works. The thin filament enclosed in a capsule of inert gas acts as an electrical resistor. Their filament is usually made up of quartz, which produces a great amount of IR radiation that directly heat the human body. When current flows through this filament, both heat and light are emitted. So it is warm and glows under this action.

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They are designed differently according to the temperature ranges. Lighting ability may vary while setting the warming capacity because warmth is the main purpose. It can be done via filters or reflectors. To prevent blowouts or melting during heavy currents, ceramic bases, and heavy-duty filaments are used.

Heat Lamps uses

  • They can reach high temperatures quickly. These lamps are used for egg-hatching purpose as it gives warmth like the parent body. It also helps to regulate body temperature and metabolism.
  • Food heat lamps are also used in a wide range where hot food is required for a long period.
  • Grow rooms and terrariums also use heat lamps because they need to maintain accurate temperatures for non-naïve plants.
  • These lamps also produce warmth and clean condensation from mirrors and walls. It reduces the chance of mold and mildew growth. These are common in hotels and guest houses.
  • It helps to cure the paintwork, so it gives an even and professional-looking finish.
  • Many chronic disease patients use IR lamps to treat their physical pain. It is a good alternative to heat packs and hot water bottles.

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According to the wavelength- short, medium, and long- there are three types of heat lamps.

Short wave Heat Lamp

Short-wave IR has greater intensity and covers longer distances than medium and longer waves. It is best for the direct heating task as it reaches the desired temperature quickly. It loses little energy to heat the bulb and gives a burst of comfort and warmth to the subject. It is best used in outdoor patio heating where heating is required at longer distances. It copes with wind and works quickly for focused heating tasks like drying and curing paints. Due to its intense heat, it is not suitable for indoor uses or areas with low molecular density. It works well for surfaces and objects than air.

Medium Wave Heat Lamp

Medium wave heat lamps are cooler and have short ranges but are more penetrating. It usually generates dim light( red light). It is more effective to increase temperature gradually to a comfortable level. It does not work well for long distances but is better at warming a room than a short-wave lamp. They take time like 30 sec to a minute to ramp up, so it’s good for direct heating subject and not for air. They used 40% to warm up the wind. These are less suitable for windy and outdoor places.

Long Wave Heat Lamp

Longer wavelengths spend more of their energy to sustain the warmth of a smaller area. They lost 60% of energy to make up the atmosphere and only 40 % was used to heat the objects or area directly. This is a better choice for the enclosed space where warmth should maintained for a longer period. It takes much time like 5-20 minutes to reach the low-temperature peak. They are highly recommended for indoor arrays but useless for outdoors.

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Which type of lamp is used for long-term heating in enclosed space?

Long-wavelength heat lamps are the best option for enclosed spaces. They took time to warm the place but it worked for a longer period.

Which type of material is used to make the filament of heat lamps?

Quartz is used to make the filament of heat lamps because it is a good electricity resistor.


Heat lamps are infrared bulbs used to make light and warm the area for different purposes. These are of different kinds and are very useful nowadays. Based on wavelength, there are three types short wave, medium wave, and long wave lamps. They work both outdoors and indoors according to their wavelength and intensity.

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