THE BEST Outdoor Pillow Covers


THE BEST Outdoor Pillow Covers , Outdoor pillow covers add more comfort to your outdoor activities. Comfortable sitting is necessary while living outdoors. So these pillows should made of quality material that can withstand the elements outside. While buying or making outside pillow covers choose fabric carefully.

THE BEST Outdoor Pillow Covers

THE BEST Outdoor Pillow Covers, Choose such a design and type of fabric that resists moisture and UV light. Like polyester made pillow covers only work for one season.

Best Fabric for Outdoor Pillow Covers

Outdoor pillows enhance the beauty of the place and provide comfort. While choosing outdoor cushions, you should check the quality of the fabric, and whether it can withstand the environment or not. THE BEST Outdoor Pillow Covers, They should be made from durable fabrics that are resistant to UV light and rain. Cheaper outdoor cushions can only used for a limited time.

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Olefin Fabrics

Different kinds of synthetic fibers are used in the making of outdoor pillow covers. Olefin is a synthetic fiber made from polyolefin. This is resistant to sun, moisture, and heat. Olefin fabric is more comfortable, has great strength, and is free. THE BEST Outdoor Pillow Covers, So, most of the outdoor things are made from olefin fabric.

Polyester Fabrics:

These fabrics are screen-printed with weather-resistant dyes. A water-repellent guard is applied in the final stage to add more protection to the fabric. Both of these synthetics are durable and strong. THE BEST Outdoor Pillow Covers, It is resistant to wrinkling, fading, and shrinking. Some outdoor fabrics are made from polyester such as Salamanca Collection.

Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabrics:

Acrylic fabric is used to make expensive custom-made outdoor cushions. The dyed acrylic solution can bear 2000 hours of direct UV light before the color starts to fade, so these are expensive. THE BEST Outdoor Pillow Covers, It is seven times more durable than a cheaper polyester fabric. There is a huge difference in quality, many people pay extra to enjoy this greater endurance in their outdoor furniture.

Measurement of Pillow Cover

The perfection of a pillow cover depends on its accurate measurement. Pillow covers are measured from size to size for accurate size. To measure, remove the pillow cover from the cushion and turn over the cover. THE BEST Outdoor Pillow Covers, Then, take the measuring tape and measure from side to side (length and width). In the case of the stuffed pillow, take the flexible tape and measure from seam to seam. If we measure from the front side, the sizing will be smaller than the actual size.

THE BEST Outdoor Pillow Covers

Maintenance of Outdoor pillows

Cleaning:Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the quality of the pillow. In case of plastic covers, remove the cover and wash it with mild soap and water. Another type of cover can be wiped with a damp cloth or removed dust with some brush. Allow it to dry.

Storage: If you are not using outdoor pillows, store them in a dry and shady place. Or if it is raining outside, keep them in a dry place because no fabric is waterproof.

UV protection:If pillows are exposed to direct UV light for a long period, use UV protection spray to protect them from sun damage.

THE BEST Outdoor Pillow Covers


Which type of fabric is best for outdoor pillow covers?

Solution-dyed acrylic fabric is best for outdoor pillow covers due to its resistance to UV light. It is seven times more durable than polyester.

How to clean the outdoor pillow covers?

Instructions about cleaning are mentioned on pillow covers when we buy, read them carefully. Take a small amount of cleaning liquid or detergent and add 1 liter of water, making a solution of them. Now spray this solution and wipe out the pillows with a sponge. And let them dry.

Which cloth is better for a pillow cover?

One of the most popular pillowcase materials is cotton. It’s cool and absorbent to sleep on, comes in various thread counts, and is easy to wash.


In this article, we have discussed outdoor pillow covers. You can choose one outdoor pillow for your house decoration. We hope this article will help you.

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