The Best Solar Cover Reels for Inground Pools

The Best Solar Cover Reels for Inground Pools, Solar cover reels protect water from evaporation. It usually consists of a large sheet of plastic, a stable temperature by reducing heat evaporation. It looks like a solar blanket covered by solar heat, reducing water evaporation. The solar cover reel is used when your pool is not in use, easily covers your pool, prevents water loss due to evaporation, and acts as a barrier between pool water and the atmosphere. Solar blankets trap pool heat inside at night but effectively heat the pool water by allowing more of the sun’s rays to enter the pool.

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It is easy to use. You can cover the pool water when the pool is not in use and easily uncover it when it is used. We can easily lift off and swing away with the reel removal features. Tee-fitted reel can easily fit into the cone. The solar cover helps to cut water evaporation by up to 95.1 % also reducing water consumption. Does solar cover reel work for both aboveground and inground pools? Yes, these solar blankets work best for both by reducing water and chemical consumption and also keep pools away from leaves and debris.

What are the basic features of solar cover?

It is easily installable ,there is no need for specific tools for the assembly. Providing heavy duty construction with easy interlocking aluminum shafts. It is non corrosive plastic that fits intex rectangular frame pools and hand crank with lock. Also we can separate the solar sheet from the reel easily . You can remove both tee fitting from each base cone so that the reel can be completely removed and stored away for winter.

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What are important factors of solar covers considered before installation ?

Here we discuss important factors before purchasing :

  • Style ,size and shape
  • Length and width of pool
  • Thickness of solar sheet cover
  • Reel material

Style ,size and shape

As it works for both above and ground pools its mounting nature is typically designed to accommodate round ,oval and rectangular pools additionally it is not interchangeable .

Length and width of pool

It is important to consider good length and width of pool ,some reels are sized to work of a certain length and width while some are adjustable to be more accommodating segmented and telescoping tubing .The longer solar covers comprised of more material and making it heavier because reel center tubing not design to carry so much weight for so long .Heavier covers exceeds the tubing endurance can bend or eventually break the tubing .

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It is important to find best that fits your pool ,too narrow make a reel unusable and too long width made it more cumbersome and ill fitting . For this apprehension most solar reels have a maximum length recommendation.

Thickness of solar sheet / blanket

Thicker solar covers made from more material than their counterparts also carry more weight .Usually thicker covers are not be used on residential, lower grade reels ,because they are not made to bear that much weight .

Reel material

Solar cover reels made from aluminum and stainless steel. Also have solid rubber wheels and anti-slip to prevent toppling.Adjustable interlocking tubes also having connecting straps to easily connect to solar cover.This will help to save time because it takes less time when you off and on by hand easily.

Does the color of the pool cover really matter?

Solar covers are available in different colors. The color of the solar cover affects heat transparency ,as certain colors block more sunlight comparison to other colors. Dark colors absorb more sunlight ,while certain colors will block more sunlight ,preventing it from penetrating into the water through cover.

SunSolar Pool Cover Reel Set for In-Ground Pool — 3-Piece Aluminum Telescoping Pole with Spinning Reel — Buckle and Straps for Attaching a Pool Cover — Wheeled Base for Easy Moving —

Durability and design of solar covers

The unique design of the solar cover which features thousands of tiny bubbles and air pockets helps to float on the surface of water.These air pockets capture heat from the sun by interlocking into the air pockets and then transferred into the pool. These air pockets at the same time serve as insulators preventing heat loss .For instance, reductive temperature will be less significant during the night and in a cloudy atmosphere.

When we talk about durability of solar cover, these are made from tongue resins ,resist UV radiations.Available in different sizes,shapes with different models and thickness, some pool covers feature flat extra strong withstand repeated folding and cover damages caused by rios and tears.

Benefits of solar cover reels

There are many benefits of using solar swimming pool covers and reels. Solar pool blankets/covers can raise the temperature of pool water by approximately 11 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps to provide a more convenient swimming environment and also extends swimming durations . Furthermore, solar pool covers rely only on the sun’s energy, they present a very environmentally friendly pool heating atmosphere.

When used to reduce confidence on gas pool heaters, solar pool covers can greatly lower energy consumption and, in turn, energy costs. In very sunny climates, solar swimming pool covers can also be used as the sole heat source for a pool.

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Solar swimming pool covers for above ground and in-ground pools can also reduce chemical costs. Solar pool covers reduce chemical loss through evaporation, which reduces the need for replacement chemicals. The solar pool cover can also help keep swimming pools cleaner by preventing debris from entering the water when they are not in use.


What is the material used to make pool cover?

This is the heavy duty bubble wrap made from Polypropylene ,Polyethylene which is light ,transparent plastic consisting of an air bubble /blanket that traps heat from the sun and then transferred to the pool water.

What is the difference between a simple pool cover and solar pool cover reel?

Simple pool covers protect pools from contaminants and debris while solar pool covers are designed to retain and absorb sunlight ,heat, and also maintain the pool atmosphere by penetrating heat.


Solar covers heat your pool during the day trapping the sun’s rays and penetrating heat into the water. Cover reduces evaporation up to 90% during night which is the main cause of heat loss. In addition, solar covers help prevent your pool from chemicals. Raise your pool’s temperature by up to 10 to 15 degrees.

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