The Manual Edging Shovel


The Manual Edging Shovel, An edging shovel is a tool that is used to trim the edges of the lawn or border. Its bottom side is sharpened on a shallow angle to give it a large cutting edge. This sharp edge allows it to penetrate the soil and grass easily. It has a flat, big blade with sharp edges attached to the long handle.

The blade is designed to move materials like soil, sand, and snow. These are made of different types of materials and come in different shapes and sizes, you can select one according to your needs. But most edging shovels are made of steel that has great strength.

How To Edge Lawn & Garden Beds Using Only A Shovel

Parts of Edging Shovel

Grip: It is the uppermost part of the shovel which is attached to the shaft. It can be in the form of plastic, wooden, and metal handles. But in some cases, there is no handle at all, you can use an edging shovel by holding on to the upper part. If the shaft is made from fiberglass then a handle will be attached to avoid splinters. A D-shaped handle is most common among short and digging shovels.

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Shaft: The shaft is the long “pole” like part of the edging shovel and is used as leverage while operating the shovel. The shaft is usually made from fiberglass, wood, and metal. You can choose the material according to your budget and requirements as all of these have pros and cons. Metal shafts are strongest and long-lasting while wooden shafts are agronomical and traditional. Its length may vary but it should be equal to your height to make it more comfortable to use.

Collar: The collar is present where the blade meets the shaft. The collar should be secure and sturdy otherwise it may crumble during heavy work. It connects the shaft and the handle with a rivet or screw. In case of any damage to the handle or blade, you can replace one part easily.

Blade: The lowermost and main part of the shovel is the blade, which makes contact with the ground. Blade is made from metal and aluminum but in some cases, it might be of fiberglass or plastic. It comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Mainly the types of shovels depend on the shapes of the blades.

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Tip: Tip is the last and most important part of the shovel. The edging shovel has a sharp and flat tip of the blade. It does not need to have deep cuts on the blade to be effective.

Types of shovels

A Round Point Shovel is great for all-around use and most common type of shovel. These shovels are designed for digging holes in all types of ground. Its rounded tip helps to dig a hole without damaging the surrounding area. It has a wide scoop that can hold plenty of dirt.

A Square Point Shovel has a flat blade that is best for scooping and moving materials. It is the most popular type of shovel.

A Scoop Shovel is made for moving loose materials like snow and sand. It has a deep-rounded blade and a D-shaped handle for maximum leverage. Its scoop is made from aluminum or fiberglass. Snow shovels are a type of shovel.

How To Edge Lawn & Garden Beds Using Only A Shovel


Where do we use edging shovels?

The shovel is used for moving loose materials, scooping and digging holes for plantations, or digging trenches for irrigation. They can be used to clear debris and break hard soil. A shovel is a multipurpose tool.

An edging shovel is used to create neat edges around lawns or borders. Their main purpose is to create and maintain the edges of the garden. They are ideal for use in small areas without harming other nearby plants due to having small blades. It can be also used for breaking up shallow roots of plants.

How to buy a good edging shovel?

While purchasing an edging shovel, take a minute to think about your considerations. The type of land and purpose of shovel usage is most important when choosing a shovel. You should check the material according to your needs and budget.

Most importantly blade has to be flat and sharp, it works well with loose soils, edging, and scooping. Its height should be a little lower than your shoulder to make it more comfortable. The weight of the shovel must be normal as higher weight can make you tired and lightweight is not enough durable.


An edging shovel is used to create edges of the garden and is also good for moving materials. This is made up of different materials and has different shapes and sizes. The shovel has many parts like a blade, handle, collar, and tip. The ideal shovel is flat, sharp, and has moderate height and weight. Premium shovels are made from titanium, these are lightweight and exceptionally sturdy. These are also resistant to rust and long-lasting shovels. These are reliable but expensive.

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