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Wall baskets are perfect for so many reasons. This is a unique and beautiful way to decorate walls. It is also a budget-friendly and aesthetic idea. It can be used for storage purposes also. It can be made from different materials according to one’s requirements. You can buy them online or in stores as they are more suitable for you. There are different types of wall baskets.

Wall baskets are perfect for so many reasons. This is a unique and beautiful way to decorate walls. It is also a budget-friendly and aesthetic idea

Woven wall basket

These baskets can be made of plastic, bamboo, and seagrass. Hand-woven baskets are more trendy and attractive. They can be made by binding large strips of bamboo or plastic together and giving them the desired shape. These baskets can be round, large, and oval-shaped. They can be used as flower vases, decorate walls, and store different small things. Their prices vary according to their material and sizes.

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Plane Plastic wall Baskets

These baskets are made of plastic and can be printed or designed with beads or other things like that. These types of baskets are cheaper and good for regular use. You can use them to style your walls and store your tiny things in them. You can place them near your switchboard to hold your mobile while charging, or in bathrooms also. These are washable and nonbreakable.

Metal wall basket

Metal baskets are mostly made up of steel wire. These are more durable and budget-friendly. These are not breakable and give a more decent look to the wall. They may be round, rectangular, or square with different colors. These can be used as makeup organizers and stationery organizers. These can also be used for grocery storage purposes.

How to plan your design

When you have your baskets there are more chances that you have a spot in your mind for these baskets to put on. But if not, look where the wall needs texture a place where something is missing, or a naked place. It can be placed in living rooms, stairs walls, hallways, etc.

First, decide your wall and location. Secondly, lay them on the floor to see if they look better and choose your exact design, it will prevent the wall from being damaged. Wall basket, Also, I recommend starting with the largest one at the center and then going for the smaller one. Make sure that there is an equal distance between these baskets. You can put them together with floral wire and create a good look. It’s better to take a picture and have a look before putting it on the wall. Other opinions can also help a lot in this.

How to hang the wall basket

Now you have selected your layout so it’s time to hang these on the wall. You can hang them with small nails, hooks, and floral wires.

When you start hanging, use the largest to smallest pattern it looks best. Wall basket, Place the larger one in the center and then continue outward. Use the picture you took if you are having any difficulty in making your desired layout. Feel free to add other things like greenery, flowers, or stars to give your personal touch to the wall.


Which type of wall basket is more durable?

For storage purposes, metal or plastic wall baskets are more durable. Plastic baskets are water resistant and metal baskets are nonbreakable.

How to plan layout?

While planning your layout always follow the largest to smallest rule it will help in making your layout more beautiful.


Wall basket is good gadget for your house decoration. You can set it on your house wall. In this article, we have discuss about wall basket. You can choose a good wall basket for your house. We hope this content will help you.

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