We Tried the Viral Candle Warmer Lamp

We Tried the Viral Candle Warmer Lamp, Candle warmer lamps are trending that will make the smell of your home amazing. A candle warmer lamp is an alternative to the candle. The difference is that it never produces flame and smoke. Candle warmer lamp is like a simple lamp there is just one change the heat of the lamp melts the wax. It is an easy and safer way to enjoy your favorite candle smell. candle warmer lamps are now in trend.

You can use a candle warmer lamp as a decorative item. You can place the candle warmer lamp on your dining table or bedroom. here are some pros and cons of candle warmer lamps.

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Pros of candle warmer lamp

  • Melt the candle slowly
  • More powerful scent
  • Safe to use
  • Non-toxic
  • Better cost efficiency
  • Electric
  • Comes with two small light bulb
  • Glass lamp shade

Cons of candle warmer lamp

  • Candle warmer lamps work best in small rooms like bedroom
  • Candle warmer lamp is made up of glass lamp shade, it may be shattered when dropped if no proper packing.

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Melt the wax slowly

The candle warmer lamp heats up the wax slowly. Candle warmer lamps last for 3 to 4 hours. It melts the wax thoroughly. It does not waste the wax.


The candle warmer lamp is non-toxic. It is not harmful to health. It never produces smoke and flame.

More powerful scent

When the wax melts the temperature of the lamp is not as high as when burning a candle or flame so the wax absorbs low heat and evaporates to produce power full and long-lasting smell. The smell of wax lasts in your room for 2 to 3 hours after melting.

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Safe to use

Candle warmer lamp is easy to use. It has no effect. It is easy and safe to use. As it is electric there is no flame and smoke. You can keep it in your bedroom without any worry because it never produces flame and smoke. But you should use it with care.

Glass lamp shade

Candle warmer lamp has a beautiful glass lamp shade which enhances its charm and beauty. You can use it as a decorative piece. Candle warmer lamp has many types of glass shades. You can buy any shade according to your choice and taste.

Better cost efficiency

Wax may be more costly than candles. However, the candle warmer lamp is not very costly for manufacturers and consumers. Another hand it consumes the wax. It melts the wax at a low temperature allowing the wax to last longer. So it seems less costly with respect to candles.

Melt the candle slowly

Candle warmer lamp melts the wax at a slow rate as a result it enhances the fragrance and lifetime of wax

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How long can I leave my wax warmer on?

You can keep your wex warmer on for 4 hours. After 4 hours turn the wax warmer off to cool the wax. This will preserve your wax.

How long does wax smell last?

The scent life depends upon the quality of wax that you are using. Different types of waxes have different lifetimes.

Are candle warmer lamps in trend?

Yes! Candle warmer is very in trend. A lot of people are admiring it. People are also using it as decoration and a warm ambiance for guests.

Types of candle warmer lamps?

Candle warmers have two types

  • Buttom up candle warmer

This candle warmer lamp melts the wax from bottom to up. Once all of the wax in the vessel melts it will automatically lose its fragrance at this point you will waste the remaining wax as it will never produce any fragrance.

  • Top-down candle warmer

This candle warmer melts the wex from top to down. When once the top layer has warmed it will not produce any fragrance. At this point, you will remove the upper layer to initiate the fragrance.

What are the cons of a candle warmer?

  • Candle warmer lamps work best in small rooms like bedroom
  • Candle warmer lamp is made up of glass lamp shade, it may be shatter when dropped and if not proper packing.


Candle warmer lamp is an easy and safe method to enjoy your favorite agent. You can turn on the candle warmer for 4 hours after 4 hours turn it off to cool the wax. Candle warmer lamp is pollution-free. It enhances the power of fragrance as it melts the wax at a slow rate. You can buy it market at a low price. There are many designs of candle warmer lamps you can buy any design.

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