What is a Monkey Wrench Tool


What is a Monkey Wrench Tool, The monkey wrench tool is commonly used to hold materials in their place. It is used to fasten and unfasten bolts and screws. The first monkey wrench tool was invented in the 19th century and made up of flat iron pieces and its length was 24 inches (61 cm). A monkey wrench can have both types of appearance, F-shaped and L-shaped.

It has a fixed upper jaw and a lower jaw that works on a screw mechanism and can move up and down the wrench. It is a type of adjustable spanner. After its invention, many modifications occurred according to the circumstances on the basis of its basic design. A variety of wrenches developed on the base of monkey wrenches like adjustable clamps and pipe wrenches, are designed to use in specific situations.

What is A Monkey Wrench Tool

How Monkey Wrench Tool Works

The monkey wrench tool works on the screw mechanism. Its jaws are attached to the fastener head. This is the point where you have to slide the lower jaw to fit the specific fastener with a strong grip. When both of the jaws of this tool firmly grip the flat sides of the fastener, you can apply pressure to tighten or loosen the fastener. If you turn the wrench tool in a clockwise direction, it will tighten the fastener.

If you turn the monkey wrench in an anticlockwise direction, it will loosen the fastener. These are mostly used for heavy tasks. Other kinds of wrenches are designed to handle specific tasks according to needs. This tool is used in the inspection and repair of different kinds of instruments and workplaces.

Other types of wrenches

As time passed, many changes occurred to the basic monkey wrench according to the circumstances. So there are many types developed for different tasks. These are:

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Torque wrench:

This wrench measures the tension applied to the bolt that is being tightened. Only bolts can take pressure and this wrench is designed to adjust the tension level of bolts. It should neither be too tight to damage the part nor too loose to make the machinery unsafe to use. So we adjust the specific torque according to the equipment.

It prevents you from applying much force when you have reached the set torque level. Always apply constant force to avoid any mistakes and tight bolts partially while handling many bolts. Electronic torque wrenches are also designed for the LCD or LED screen, they give digital readout.

What is A Monkey Wrench Tool

Crescent wrench:

It almost looks like the monkey wrench tool. It usually has a flat handle and is made up of steel. It has two jaws at the ends of the handle, one is fixed and the other jaw is movable. One jaw is big and the other one is small. These jaws are parallel while the jaws of the monkey wrench tool are perpendicular. It is useful for a specific range of sizes of bolts and nuts. It comes with the slide gear that helps to adjust the size of the wrench opening.

Spanner Wrench:

it provides grip for both tightening and losing the fastener. These are made of steel and chrome plated to prevent corrosion. There are different types of spanner wrenches but C-spanner is most common. It is named a c-spanner due to the c-shaped open head. while the obstruction spanner has angled jaws.

What is A Monkey Wrench Tool

The ring spanner has a completely closed ring that can fit a hexagon and a square bolt. It works better than open spanners. These are smaller, lighter and easier to use than pipe wrenches. These are mostly used in the plumbing to help repair the leaky faucets.


When was the monkey wrench tool invented?

The monkey wrench tool was invented in the 19th century and was made of flat iron pieces.

Which type of wrenches are used for LED and LCD screens?

Electronic torque wrenches are used for LED and LCD screens. Their torque can adjust to the required level and they give digital output. These are calibrated regularly to make sure the readings are accurate.

Why is it named Monkey Wrench?

It is named as monkey wrench due to the movement of its lower jaw up and down the wrench. It looks like a monkey climbing up and down a branch.


The monkey wrench tool is used to secure or unsecure the nuts and bolts. These are of different types but work on the basic screw mechanism. They have two jaws, one is fixed and the other one is movable. These are made up of different types of materials like steel, iron etc. Now, specific types of wrenches are developed for specific situations and equipment.

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