What is the function of tile cutter?


What is the function of tile cutter?, Tile cutting is a difficult job. That is why we shall tell you how You can cut tiles easily with the help of a tile cutter. Different types of tile cutters are used to cut tiles. you can use electric and manual tile cutters to cut tile.

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Table of content

  • What are wet and wet tile cutters?
  • Electric tile cutter
  • Manual tile cutter
  • Pros and cons of electric tile cutter
  • Precautions for use
  • Questions asked by people
  • Final word or conclusion

Wet tile cutter

Wet cutter and dry cutter are the most common tile cutter. With the help of a Wet tile cutter, you can cut hard tiles easily. A wet tile cutter can cut many tiles in less time. A wet tile cutter is mostly used in tile-cutting factories where a lot of tiles need to be cut in a few hours. A wet tile cutter prevents the blades from overlapping so it prevents the production of heat and smoke. It is more expensive than a dry tile cutter.

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Dry tile cutter

A dry tile cutter is used at the domestic level where few tiles need to be cut. Its cutting speed is very slow. During cutting it produces heat and smoke. it can not cut hard tiles. It is not very expensive.

Electric tile cutter

If you are cutting tile at a high level then an electric tile cutter is best of all. You can cut hard tile like marble, granite, and stone tiles with the help of it.

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Electric tile cutter diamond blades cut the harder tiles more easily. An electric tile cutter contains a water sprayer that sprays the water around the diamond cutter to reduce the heat and smoke production. It can cut the tiles in every shape like in L-shape and U- shape. It can cut the hardest tile easily.

Pros and cons of electric tile cutter


  • Electric tile cutters never produce smoke and dust.
  • It can cut hard tiles.


  • An electric tile cutter can not cut small-sized tiles.
  • It can cut specific tiles.

Manual tile cutter

A manual tile cutter can not cut the hardest tile. It can cut tile straight. It can not cut tiles in U-shaped and L-shape. Manual tile cutter produces heat due to friction. It also produces smoke or pollution. It can cut tiles in a few minutes. Its working speed is very high.

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What are the precautions for the use of tile cutters?

  • Install a protective device on the saw blade so that it can cut safely and effectively protect the operator.
  • Wear gloves and a face protection device that is easy to breathe.
  • Try to wear tight clothes before cutting the tiles loose to avoid being caught in the rotating saw blades.
  • The cutting depth should be deeper than the material being cut.
  • Do not force the saw blade to pass through the cut material it may harm your apparatus.
  • Cut the tiles with constant speed according to the sharpness of the blades.
  • Before cutting, fix the material to be cut.

How long do electric cutter blades last?

It depends upon the quality of the blades. If you buy low-quality blades cutting lasts for 12 hours but if you buy high-quality blades it lasts for 125 hours under normal conditions.

Why do we replace cutter blades?

With continuous and hard work blades become dull and work slowly. You must replace or sharpen the old blades to work efficiently.

How do I make tile shiny?

You can make the tile shiny by cleaning it with baking soda or vinegar.


You can use an electric and manual tile cutter to cut the tile. An electric tile cutter can cut hard tiles easily and it is pollution-free. Manual tile cutter can not cut hard tiles and it produces heat and smoke. The working time of cutter blades depends upon the quality of the blades and the work. Normally diamond blades can last for 20 hours and manual cutter blades can last for 10 hours.

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