Window Bench Seat Ideas – Photos & Ideas

Window Bench Seat Ideas – Photos & Ideas, It is not surprising that still, window seats are still in trend. It is true this design is very old but it is not out of trend. It not only looks very elegant and unique but also gives you a lot of space to store things. Window seats with beautiful pillows look very comfortable and impressive. It serves as a store in space-starved rooms or kitchens. Window Bench Seat Ideas – Photos & Ideas, You can use window seats to hide the radiator, old things, shoes, and quilts.

Window Bench Seat Ideas - Photos & Ideas

Three types of window seats

There are Basic types of window seats that look beautiful.

  • Shelf
  • Box
  • cabinetry

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A window seat like a shelf always looks very artistic. you can use shelves to store everything. You can make it yourself or you can buy it from the market. You can keep it in the bedroom, kitchen to store groceries, in the bathroom, in the living room, and in any space-starved place. It will look decorative and unique. You can place it in any empty corner of your house.


You can also make or buy box-type window seats. These window seats are mostly used in dining rooms or guest rooms. You can also hang this box. If you hang it on the top seats will double as an extra storage bin.


Cabinetry-type window seats can be placed in bedrooms or in the kitchen. Window seats with drawers look very elegant and artistic. Window Bench Seat Ideas – Photos & Ideas, You can keep your books, clothes, and everything there. The cabinet rests on 24 framing but some models come with legs. You can buy them from the market or online.

How to choose the right window seat for your home

Now the main question is how you can choose the right window

seat for your home.

Firstly, you should take a round of your house to check which part of your house is empty. If there is any window in your house you can keep it there or if you have a pair of bookshelves you can your window set there. Window Bench Seat Ideas – Photos & Ideas, You can keep it in an empty corner of your living room.

Once you figure out where you want your new window set then start the other process which is measurements and selection of good material. Some tips are given below.


Use these measurements to ensure a comfortable window bench.


16 to 20 inches.


10 to 20 inches, either below the window or against the side wall.


Minimum of 30 inches to face forward.


About 20 inches including cushion 3 to 4 inches.

In the end, don’t forget to decorate your window set to make it more beautiful and unique.


How expensive it is depends upon the material you are using, its size, and design. A 3-foot-long window seat costs $100. Window Bench Seat Ideas – Photos & Ideas, Overall You should expect to pay 1000$ to 3000 $ depending upon its size.


Give some benefits to window seats.

  • You can use it to store things.
  • It is the best thing to store objects in space-starved areas.
  • In a house, It always looks beautiful.

Is a window seat a good idea?

Yes! The window seat is a good idea to decorate your house and office. You can use it for storage as well as sitting for reading or just for enjoying the view. Window Bench Seat Ideas – Photos & Ideas, It will invite you for comfort and relaxation.

How do I make a simple window seat?

The most simple way to make a window seat is to make it with a bench or backless soffa.


If you want to decorate your house as well as want a store to store extra things window seats is a good option for you. Window seats will hide or store extra material as well and it will provide you place for setting. Window Bench Seat Ideas – Photos & Ideas, You can buy window seats from the market or you can make it at home. It is your own choice.

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