Wood design on wall

Wood design on wall, Mostly, some people consider wood design as old fashioned but in reality, wood is an excellent decorating material. Wood can be used in decorating the walls, ceilings and floor. If You have better quality wood then you can decorate your home easily.

wood design on wall

Wood design looks very attractive, natural , unique and beautiful instead of glass and wallpapers designs. You can decorate your home like a luxurious home with the help of wood. You can paint a wood design or expose it according to your choice.

Why do we prefer wood wall design?

Wood is an ideal material choice for many designers because wood has many qualities. You can polish the wood in any colour to keep it fresh. Wood is very adaptable; you can use it for many purposes.

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You can make wood chairs, picture frames, doors, beds , walls and ceiling.

More explanation is given below.

Wall design with wood and mirror

One of the most motivating features of wood elements is that you can combine mirrors with it to make it more elegant and attractive. This design of wood along with pieces of mirror looks very artistic. This property of the wood element proves that it is the best decorating material. You can insert a mirror in any shape.

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Geometric wood and dark blackcolour

Use of black colour with geometric wood is Another most attractive wood design. It is the best method if you want a geometric style accent wall wood design.

Geometric wood and dark black colour

The wood board is arranged geometrically on the wall which looks very charming but you can enhance its beauty by using black paint dark black paint that not only boasts plenty of elegance but also helps highlight the wooden element.

Black painted wooden corner wall

You can apply this beautiful design in an empty corner of your living room. Firstly, the wooden board is arranged beautifully in the empty corner of the living room which will appear very beautiful. Secondly, the wooden board is painted with dark black colour to make its look more up-to-date.

Black painted wooden corner wall

Dark Wooden walls

Wood design in dark colour looks very elegant. You can apply this design on your living room walls. You can use dark black,dark cherry and dark clay colour. The dark wooden colour looks very beautiful but the selection of the best colour matters a lot. a selection of wrong decorating items can make the entire wall look bad.

Wood Accent wall behind TV

TV walls and entertainment walls are considered as the main focus of any living room thus it should be very beautiful and attractive. That’s why some people turn the TV walls into accent walls. It is not very complicated, just using some ship lap can create stunning results.

Wood Accent wall behind TV 

Coastal Style Wall with Blue Wooden Board

Wood material is commonly use in coastal rooms. If you want to make wood design more attractive you can choose blue colour. It is the perfect colour for coastal decoration because it reflects the sky and sea colour. It is a very soothing colour. The combination of blue and white colour makes the room very elegant.


What can I use for wall decoration?

You can use wood for decorating the house walls. You can paint the wood or can leave it without colour.

What can I use for decorating the beach house style room?

You can use wood with blue paint for decorating the castle rooms or beach house style rooms.

How to decorate a house with wood?

You can decorate your house with wood. You can paint the wood, you can attach the mirror pieces on wood, you can arrange the wood geometrically. There are many methods you can use.

Give benefits of wood designing?

  • Wood is considered the best decorating element. It Is because you can polish it to keep it attractive and fresh.
  • You can design a mirror on it.
  • You can change its thickness.
  • Its natural color is very attractive and natural.


Some people consider Wood design to be old fashioned but it is the best element for decorating the rooms. You can make old chairs and tables new with polish. Its lifetime is very long. Wood designs always remain fresh and natural.

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