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Wooden Gates | Garden Timber & Driveway Gates, Wooden gates are the best choice for your yard and home. They are also the best choice for budget-conscious homeowners. The wooden gate looks unique and adds a classic look to any home. Wooden gates are durable and last for many years with proper maintenance. Wooden gates are energy efficient they help to keep your home warm in winter and cool in warm. They require low maintenance and are a great choice for homes in noisy environments. If you want to know more about it read the article till the end.

Made to measure wooden gates

How to build a wooden gate?

You can build wooden gates at home very easily. This procedure required 3 to 4 days.

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  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Carpenter glue
  • Goggles
  • Screws
  • Miter saw
  • Straight edge ruler

Required material

  • 12 cedar tongue and groove fence boards (1/4 inch x 3 1/2 inches x 96 inches)
  • 3 cedar boards 1x6x8 (3/4 inch x 5 1/2 inches x 96 inches)
  • 7/8-inch long exterior grade screws
  • Three black decorative strap hinges with screws

From 13 to 17 inches in length.

  • Two black long slide latches with screws
  • One black heavy-duty gate flip latch with screws

Keep in mind Screws of black strap hinges, long slide latches and gate flip latches should be matching with them.


For safety

  • Before starting your work please wear the goggles as chips can go flying.
  • Avoid drilling deeper than your screws.
  • Keep all required materials like screws, drills, and wires from the reach of children.


Check on permits

First of all contact with your permitting agency to know about the height restriction of the gate and fence. According to the local permitting agency, the height of the home or fence gate should be 6 feet.

Cut the board

Cut the board at 72 inches with the help of a miter saw. After cutting this board properly Use this board as a template to cut all remaining fence boards.

Cut the horizontal braces

Measure three 42-inch segments on two of the 1×6 cedar boards. Cut these segments to create three boards, each 42 inches long.

Lay out the boards

Firstly lay out the three 1×6 boards. Two boards should be parallel to each other at 5 feet apart. The third board should be parallel to the other two and in the middle of them.

How to install a gate step by step

After that Lay the tongue and groove boards on top of the other three boards.

Attach the tongue and groove boards

Firstly, Attach the tongue and groove boards to the 1×6 horizontal brace boards underneath with the 7/8-inch exterior screws. For the screws to eliminate splitting pre-drill the holes. Keep an eye on lower boards while working reason is that lower boards can move out from their position while you are working.

Measure and Cut the Diagonal Brace

flip over the gate. Lay the remaining 1×6 cedar board diagonally across the horizontal braces. then, screw the diagonal botemporaryarey in place to secure it.
Lay your straight-edge ruler over this diagonal brace, staying parallel with the lines of the horizontal braces. Make six pencil marks on the diagonal brace parallel to the top and bottom of each horizontal brace.

Now Remove the temporary screws for the rom diagonal board. Then, cut the diagonal board with your miter saw at those six marks. Three cut pieces will eventually be discarded (the two ends and the middle), leaving two cut pieces that you will use as the diagonal brace.

Glue the Diagonal Brace

Apply the carpenter’s glue on the back side of the two diagonal brace pieces. After 2 seconds press the pieces in place on the gate in between the horizontal braces. Weigh down the two glued pieces with anything sufficiently heavy.

Screw the Diagonal Brace

After 2 hours Flip over the gate if the glue has dried. Attach the diagonal brace small pieces in place with the 7/8-inch screws.

Fit the Gate

Set the gate and support it with sobjectsject to provide about 1/2 inch of clearance at the bottom.

Mount the Gate

Using the cordless drill and the screws match with hinges, screw the hinges at the top, middle, bottom, and gate frame of the gate Make sure that the gate swings properly. You can tighten or lose the hinges according to your needs.

Mount the latches

How To Install A Gate Latch - DIY At Bunnings - YouTube

Using the cordless drill and screws, screw the slide latches in place on the top and bottom of the gate. After it Screw their receiving parts on the gate frame and mount the flip latches in the same method at the center of the gate.


How costly are wooden gates?

Woogatesgate is not very costly. You can buy woogatesgate from $100 to $190 maximum.

Do you build a fence gate?

Yes! you can build a fence gate at your home.

Advantages of Woogatesgate?

  • Wooden gates are durable and last for long.
  • do not need to take a of lot care of the wooden gate.
  • You can buy it at a low price. It is not very costly.
  • You can change its style and color after a few years.
  • Wooden gates have better security because of their proper construction.
  • Wooden gates are sound proff.

Types of woogatesgate?

There are typestyle of the wooden gate.

Our choice of wooden gates includes:

  • Wooden DrivWooden Side Gates,
  • Wooden Garden Gates,
  • Wooden Field Gates or
  • Garage Doors,
  • all built to any width or height.


Wooden gives a classic and unique look to your home. You can build a wooden gate for your home or yard. Wooden gates are more in trend. Some wooden gates a costly according to their quality but mostly wooden doors are not costly it is the best choice for budget-conscious homeowners. You can build a wooden fence gate at home. If you want to get more information you can visit our web site.

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